What makes a modern Filipina?

Screenshot from San Mig Light's 'Chance' video

MANILA, Philippines – When you run into acquaintances or relatives you haven’t seen in awhile, there are certain topics that they just seem to can’t help but probe you with.

From a well-meaning college blockmate at a class reunion to a curious tita you run into at the mall, you often get no choice but to face those inevitable questions and remarks, that we, ladies, know all too well.

For the unattached, they’re usually Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?” (Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?) or Kailan ka mag-aasawa? (When will you get married?)

And to those who are already married: Kailan kayo magkaka-anak?” (When do you plan to have kids?) 

Or worse: Tumataba ka” (You’re getting fat), just to name a few. 

Breaking the mold

While we’ve observed how our society has more or less shown acceptance in the way women are now making a mark in the workplace and even taking on work previously associated only with men, these remarks show that somehow, Filipinas are still expected to act a certain way.

It’s why we still hear people remarking, Ka-babae mong tao!” when a girl talks a little too loudly or acts mischievously, or when she makes the first move or shows strength – whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally.

But the thing is, the Filipina has evolved to become so much more than what’s expected of her. Sure, she can be soft-spoken and a head-turner – two qualities that make up the traditional image of the Filipina – but she can be passionate, tough, and driven to succeed at the same time.

Defining today’s Filipina

This being said, the modern Filipina no longer allows a man, children, or even her body to define her. She’s capable of owning her identity even without these.

She speaks her mind freely, too, and can carry on, if not lead, discussions – from something major such as a brainstorming session with her colleagues down to carrying on a friendly conversation with someone they’ve just met, and everything in between.

The modern Filipina knows what she wants and is confident enough to make firm and bold decisions in all aspects of her life. And these days, she’s no longer relying on destiny, fate, or a man to make things happen.

So ladies, the next time you find yourself in the bar or in the boardroom, don’t hesitate to step up. Offer to buy that guy who caught your eye a drink or share that idea that’s been playing in your head. Show them that you’re one strong and independent Filipina!  – Rappler.com