Reimagine your family’s weekend at home

Therese Reyes
Reimagine your family’s weekend at home
Fun and productivity doesn’t always mean leaving the house

MANILA, Philippines — If somehow you’re able to go back in time to tell your younger self how your life is like today, you’ll sound like you came straight out of a sci-fi movie. Virtual assistants, video calls, touch screen tablets: technology has truly changed how we live and has made seemingly impossible things possible.

For instance, could you have imagined that a pocket-sized device could let you write documents, create presentations, watch movies, and play games on your smart TV? Whether you’re looking forward to a fun weekend or a productive one, you can now skip the heavy traffic and the drain on your wallet.

Reimagine your entire weekend, and spend it right in your living room.

Reimagine entertainment 

1. Watching movies

Home theaters have been around for a while now so you might be wondering how this can be revolutionary, but watching a movie at home has never been as close to the cinema experience – until now.

Upgrade your entertainment system with an over-the-top (OTT) device and have your pick from hundreds of HD movies and TV shows on iflix and FOX International Channels. Because these are streaming services, you’ll be able to instantly watch whatever it is your family is up for, without having to stand in long lines or paying multiple ticket prices.

2. Going to the arcade

The kids might love spending hours in the arcade but all the noise and crowds could get a little overwhelming for the grown-ups. Luckily, you don’t have to dive into the neon-lit chaos and the younger ones can play their favorite arcade games at home.

Simply attach an OTT device into your TV’s HDMI port and install your kids’ arcade favorites. You’d now have fully functional PC capability on your widescreen TV, with vivid picture and audio quality to boot. What’s more, if you opt for an OTT device that has access to the Xbox PC Games app, you will have an even wider array of games to pick from.

3. Shopping

You may have already tried online shopping, but feel that browsing through clothes or gadgets through a small computer screen just doesn’t provide the same satisfaction.

An OTT device has Wi-Fi capability, which lets you browse retail sites, zoom in on product details, and go through the fine print with clearer quality on your TV.


Reimagine productivity

1. Helping with homework

Homework can’t be done with just pen and paper anymore. Today, school-aged children submit photo collages, videos, and PowerPoint presentations as early as grade school.

Help your child out by guiding him or her through every step of the way. Educational videos, for example, are better viewed together through your TV’s bigger monitor. An OTT device with ample storage works like a hard drive and lets you collaborate on-screen for projects, too.


2. Honing your child’s creativity

Remember Microsoft Paint? Yes, that application you used for creating your “spray paint” art works and multi-colored mosaics. It has come a long way since then, but it’s actually still a simple but effective tool to develop your child’s creativity.

With an OTT device that’s built with the Windows 10 operating system, you can use Microsoft applications, including Paint, for creative projects. Let your child experiment with different colors, brush styles, and photo editing tools. Apart from encouraging creativity, it’s also a great way to introduce the basics of computers to younger kids.

3. Finishing office work

If you need to get some work done over the weekend, there’s no need to do it on a cramped laptop screen.

An OTT connected to your TV allows you to connect to a wireless keyboard and mouse, readily has Office 365 applications like Excel, Word, OneDrive, and Skype, and even lets you make a quick reply to important emails. Consider your office homework done. 

Today, technology is beyond what you could have ever imagined. With it, you can make use of your precious weekend hours the way you want to: relaxed, fruitful, enjoyable, and with the entire family. –

“The TVolution Stick is compact and extremely efficient: two characteristics that today’s upwardly mobile users look for in their gadgets,” says Gary Dujali, Vice President and Marketing Director for PLDT HOME.

This device will allow you to turn any HDMI-ready TV into a fully functional PC with a Windows 10 operating system. For more information, visit the PLDT Home website.

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