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WATCH: Keeping AlphaKids ahead even at home
With Dr. Michele Alignay, we talk about ways to effectively care for AlphaKids at home, while also honing their intellectual development

MANILA, Philippines – By 2025, the Alpha Generation, or those born from 2010-2025 will account for 2 billion of the global population. They are the children of millennial parents. 

Uniquely raised by parents who are continuously adapting to the acceleration of technology, AlphaKids, in the truest sense of the word, are the children of the digital age – smart, brave, curious, and resourceful.

For these AlphaKids, new isn’t intimidating. They are inspired by new information and solving challenges. Because of this, one of the biggest problems that the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) presented to their parents is halted education and extracurricular activities. With this, they lose one major stimulus for their inquisitive minds. 

For young children, every experience can become a pivotal factor in their brain development, especially so for AlphaKids, who are most stimulated whenever they are learning more and more about the world around them. Inevitably, Alpha parents desire to keep their kids inspired and engaged. They want answers to the question: What can I do for my Alphakid during this quarantine?

Between host Issa Litton – a self-confessed mom of an AlphaKid who believes in the active role of young mothers in raising their children – and psychologist and family life expert Dr. Michele Alignay, there’s a breadth of parenting experience.

Join them on Saturday, May 9, at 7 pm as they discuss psychological and textbook perspectives as well as their own true-to-life experiences as to what it takes to raise smart, independent, and self-sufficient children in today’s age.

Together, they answer the questions: what makes your child an AlphaKid? How do you ensure that you are giving them a competitive edge growing up? 

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