WATCH: Leveraging technology for AlphaKids at home
WATCH: Leveraging technology for AlphaKids at home
Academic and parenting authority Dr. Queena Lee-Chua discusses the use of technology in your child’s home education

MANILA, Philippines – Technology plays an important role in education, now more than ever. 

This is especially true during this enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). Without the classroom setting, young inquisitive minds depend on their gadgets to explore the knowledge of the outside world.

But as technology accelerates and schools provide online learning platforms, parents need expert advice on how they can effectively manage the use of screens for their child’s continued learning at home. 

How can parents make sure that their children aren’t under or overstimulated by the applications they use? What kinds of apps and online activities can make sure that their overall sensory and intellectual development aren’t hampered? More importantly, how can parents be assured that their children’s use of technology won’t lead them to dangerous apps and websites?

Join Dr. Queena Lee-Chua and Issa Litton in exploring this relationship between young children, learning, and technology. –


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