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INFOGRAPHIC: An e-learner’s guide to studying smart

INFOGRAPHIC: An e-learner’s guide to studying smart
These online tools are safe and reliable for your kids’ e-learning at home

Mommies, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed while guiding your kids with their schoolwork? Don’t worry because help is here! Take a look at our quick guide on how you and your kids can study together. 

Now that many schools have opened the new academic year virtually, your children are learning in a new environment. Because this is a system none of us have experienced before, the challenge is to adapt. Parents need to figure out how to lead their children through the shift from traditional learning to e-learning. 

Since students have no access to schools with their classrooms and libraries, how can they replicate these learning spaces at home? What do they need in order to focus properly on their classes?

With the wide variety of applications and sites available online, it might also be difficult to know which of them are essential to your children’s needs. Are you having a difficult time identifying what they need to get perfect grades? How can you ensure that the e-learning tools are effective for your children’s study needs? 

Aside from ensuring that they have reliable connectivity, parents also need to safeguard their kids by making sure that they only access safe and secured websites and learning tools online. 

In this infographic, we take an introductory look at the prerequisites for e-learning the smart and safe way.

Because most of the applications and sites students need to study smarter are only available online, it is imperative for each household to have a stable internet connection. To address this concern, PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid introduces its FamLoad Study data packages. With these, parents can be assured that their children have access to safe e-learning tools they need. 

Considering value for money, the FamLoad Study 599 offers 57GB data with 3GB data every day for 15 days. This data can be used to access your children’s new learning buddies: Canvas, Gabay Guro, Microsoft 365, NEO, and Schoology. Subscribing to the FamLoad Study 599 data package also provides 12GB open access data for other online activities.

For students who need more data, the FamLoad Study 999 offers 114GB for 30 days. Aside from the 3GB data that can be used for Canvas, Gabay Guro, Microsoft 365, NEO, and Schoology, it also has 24GB open access data for other applications and learning websites. 

Together with PLDT, your children can easily and conveniently make the shift from traditional learning to e-learning. – Rappler.com

For more information on PLDT Home Wifi’s services and products, you can visit this link.

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