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Kontra kulob laundry hacks to try this rainy season

Kontra kulob laundry hacks to try this rainy season
There’s no need to put up with that dreaded smell

[Editor’s note: Downy now comes in a powder detergent form that can help fight kulob smell. Below is an article written with Downy.]

MANILA, Philippines – While the rainy season can bring a cooling relief and contribute to a good night’s sleep, it’s a challenge for most homemakers who want to keep their clothes from smelling damp – or in Filipino, amoy kulob. Kulob smell develops when moisture is trapped in the clothes.

To avoid that musty odor, here are 3 tips you can easily follow. 

Use an effective kontra kulob laundry combo
Kontra kulob laundry hacks to try this rainy season

Taking care of our clothes during the rainy season requires extra effort. Since it takes longer to dry clothes indoors, the chances of your laundry smelling dampy is higher. But washing and drying clothes indoors should not bother you anymore because Downy, a well-loved brand for its signature fresh scent, now has a detergent – the all-new Downy Detergent. Downy Detergent is our new laundry ally that doesn’t just clean our clothes but also keeps them from smelling kulob with its power of sun freshness. Use Downy Detergent together with Downy Fabric Conditioner for an effective kontra kulob combination and make your clothes smell fresher for longer.

Hang your towel to dry, wash it regularly
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There’s nothing more annoying than smelling fresh after a bath only to use a smelly towel to pat yourself dry. To prevent the kulob odor in your towels, don’t leave them bunched up after using. Hang them dry to avoid moisture which is the ultimate culprit for odor build up. It also helps to wash your towel every 2 to 3 days with the kontra kulob Downy detergent so it stays clean and fresh.

Wash your bed sheet every two weeks

We don’t know if it’s the calming rhythmic sound of rain, the cold weather, the lack of sunlight that tells our body it’s time to get up or all of these combined that make it difficult to get out of bed when it’s raining. While you can get away with a few days just lying in bed all day, make sure to wash your sheets every two weeks to prevent dirt, sweat, and dead skin from accumulating as these cause malodor. 

This coming rainy season, we no longer have to worry about our laundry smelling like kulob. Enjoy soft and fresh-smelling laundry every day as if they were sundried with our new laundry partner – the new Downy Detergent! 

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