Not all fuels are made the same: Introducing the Caltex Power Diesel with TechronD Euro5

Winona Sigue
Not all fuels are made the same: Introducing the Caltex Power Diesel with TechronD Euro5
The all-new Caltex Power Diesel is now at Euro 5 and is formulated with double dose of Techron D

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Engines work best when clean. A clean engine means a smoother drive, lower emissions, and a more reliable car performance. Aside from routine vehicle maintenance, one of the ways to achieve this is by choosing a premium fuel formulated to keep your car’s vital engine parts clean.

The good news is Caltex’s newest diesel product to date, the Caltex Power Diesel, contains a double dose of Techron D with the Euro 5 quality. This means it has lesser sulfur content which could cut down sulfur dioxide released by cars into the atmosphere.

With Techron technology, you’ll be confident that the critical parts of your car engine are clean and protected.

As you’ve probably heard before, Techron is a cleaning additive that helps keep vital car engine parts clean. It can prevent corrosion and grimy deposits from accumulating inside the engines, which is key to improving your car’s engine performance. 

In fact, standard tests were conducted to test the Caltex Power Diesel’s cleaning power. 

At the end of the test, the engine with Caltex Power Diesel cleaned the diesel fuel injector system effectively. The engine was free from performance-robbing deposits – the black soot that gets stuck and hardens inside the car’s parts, resulting in inefficient engine performance. 

Data also shows that using Caltex Power Diesel with Techron D can reduce deposits in the vital parts of your engine and restore 100% of its lost power.

As of this writing, Caltex Power Diesel meets Euro 5 standards and has twice the cleaning power of Techron. Compared to other diesel fuels, it can help clean the vital engine parts, restore the lost power, and improve the fuel economy of your car while reducing exhaust emissions.

Moreover, Caltex Power Diesel can be used for all diesel-powered vehicles like passenger cars and heavy trucks. It is also proven to maintain engine efficiency, ensuring that your vehicle performs at its best for a longer time. 

With its ultra-high performance, switching to Caltex Power Diesel is a worthy investment, providing the best value for your money. This premium diesel formula can keep your engine clean and help it burn fuel efficiently, allowing you to travel further and drive to more places with a full tank! – Rappler.com

For more details about Caltex Power Diesel, visit Caltex Philippines’ website

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