A coffee conversation that #StartsWithACup

Nikki Natividad
A coffee conversation that #StartsWithACup
Coffee has become more than just a drink. Tell us, what is coffee to you?

MANILA, Philippines — For decades, coffee has become a daily habit for majority of Filipinos. It’s the 4th most consumed food product in the Philippines, with 9 out of 10 Filipinos sipping it at any given moment, whether black, iced, or with a teaspoon of sugar and creamer. 

However Filipinos choose to have their coffee, one thing is for certain: the brew has become more than just a beverage. 

For some, coffee is a ritual: They’re greeted by it in the morning, steaming and freshly prepared with toasted pandesal. Or they have it in the afternoon, when the midday slump sets in and they need an extra jolt for productivity. 

For others, it’s an invitation: It’s a chance to catch up with old friends or an opportunity to meet someone new. 

September 29 is International Coffee Day. We are inviting you to a conversation on this day, over a cup of your favorite brew, to talk about your coffee habits on Twitter from 7 to 9 am.

And if your social media accounts are dedicated to mugs and latte art, please share photos of your Cup of Joe with us. Or better yet, with whom you’re sharing it with. Use the hashtag #StartsWithACup to show your support, and we’ll collect photos from different platforms (facebook, instagram, and twitter) that are relevant to our campaign. These will be posted on our story page to forward this movement.

Remember, just as every cup of coffee has a different meaning for every person, every time you drink a cup of local coffee, you also support a meaningful cause: the plight of our local coffee industry and our local coffee farmers (Read: A coffee journey: From the farm to your cup).

Every cup of coffee you drink, especially if it’s a local brew, contributes somehow. It all starts with a cup, so it’s your chance to make every sip count. — Rappler.com

Editor’s Note: Using the #StartsWithACup hashtag signifies that you are giving Rappler and our partner in this initiative, Nescafé Philippines (Nestlé Philippines Inc.), your consent to use your photo and personal information on our story page. 



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