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5 international food trends we wish were here in PH

KD Suarez
5 international food trends we wish were here in PH
We want them here, stat. Our tummies and IG feeds are waiting

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos love to eat. It’s an indisputable fact, a trait so deeply ingrained in our identity that even our most common greeting alludes to eating: “Kumain ka ba?” (Have you eaten?) or “Kain tayo!” (Let’s eat!)

Practically anytime is a good time when it comes to food, and we’re always game to try anything – whether it’s a hearty home-cooked meal, a specialty dish from a favorite dining spot, an eclectic yet appetizing creation, a twist on an old favorite, or a well-loved local treat from abroad brought here.

There are so many different kinds of food being offered here now, but the gourmand in every one of us remains on the lookout for the latest food trends that are not only delicious but are also “Instagrammable.”

We’ve scoured the Internet for food trends already making waves abroad to add to your must-try list. Here are some we’d love to see land on our shores (and tables and social media feeds):

Lava toasts

Taking Singapore by storm are lava toasts, which are essentially thick, crispy, bread slices filled with sauce that oozes out when the toast is cut. It’s perfect for capturing on video, which many social media mavens lucky enough to try this treat have already done.

The flavor combinations are relatively new to the Filipino palate, like charcoal toasts filled with flavored sauces like salted egg, matcha, and even Thai milk tea.

Coffee in a Cone

You’ve enjoyed coffee in mugs, cups, and as sweet, caffeinated desserts. Now, it seems you can enjoy coffee straight from an ice cream cone, too! Coffee in a Cone is the brainchild of Dayne Levinrad of The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Touted as “the world’s most Instagrammable coffee,” it’s literally coffee (or hot chocolate or matcha latte, your pick) poured in a cone lined with chocolate to prevent leaking. It’s making waves on social media as we speak with the hashtag #CoffeeInACone.

Ice cream ramen


Before you make gagging noises from just how weird that sounds, ice cream ramen (or “Ice Stream”) is definitely not what it sounds like. Instead, it’s a type of icy dessert with condensed milk, blue agar jelly noodles (the ramen), mochi, and bite-sized fruits.

Fortunately, ice cream ramen now is available at The Dessert Kitchen in New York City, which incidentally opened their first branch here in Manila just early this year. (READ: 10 things to try at The Dessert Kitchen, Manila’s newest sweet spot)

Ramen burger

Now, for something savory, we have the ramen burger. It’s not entirely new; in fact, local versions were briefly offered by some restaurants a few years back, but we have yet to see the original here.

Conceptualized by Japanese-American Keizo Shimamoto, The Original Ramen Burger is burger patty and shredded greens sandwiched between two fried ramen buns.

Chicken fries

Lastly, we have another savory treat called chicken fries. As the name implies, these treats are made of white chicken meat shaped into conventional potato fries.

Burger King gives Filipino diners the chance to enjoy these meaty fries with their Chicken Fries, now available in BK stores nationwide! Burger King’s Chicken Fries are coated in light crispy breading that’s seasoned with spices and herbs, and can be dipped in Maple Syrup, Honey Mustard, and BBQ sauces. These handy, meaty fries can be munched at snack time, on the go, or even while you’re stuck in traffic!

What other food trends do you wish would be brought to the Philippines? Tell us below in the comments! –

All illustrations by Nico Villarete

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