9 Halloween costumes below P999 you won’t get a “BOO!” for

Danna Peña
9 Halloween costumes below P999 you won’t get a “BOO!” for
Feel the season’s festivities with these unique and affordable costume picks

MANILA, Philippines – Carved pumpkins, jet-black cats, and an influx of horror movie commercials abruptly appearing on television.

Besides these, the first thing that usually comes to mind when Halloween is brought up is the image of people wearing the most ridiculous, most outrageous, and most daring costumes.

The origin of Halloween dates back to the 19th century in Celtic countries, where the end of October marked the fall of summer and the beginning of the dark winter – a season that was often linked with human death.

Fast forward to the present, and dressing up during Halloween has become a well-loved ritual that entails a lot of preparation.

Haven’t found your perfect Halloween costume yet? Let this list guide you in prepping up for trick-or-treating, going to bars for some boos, or simply dressing up to feel festive during the season.

1. Flash that winning smile with vampire fangs (P343) or zombie teeth (P340) 

2. Be a bearded hipster (P348) or a sophisticated Sir with interchangeable moustaches (P383)

3. Don’t be so serious with this Joker mask (P936) 

4. Become a majestic Elf from The Hobbit with elf ears (P357.00) 

5. Party it up with a glowing Ironman (P396) mask

6. Chanel an aviator from the Victorian era with these steampunk goggles (P592)

7. Join the dark side and become one of Darth Vader’s Stormtroopers (P493) from Marvel’s Star Wars

8. Put on this long black hooded cape (P560) and channel a Death Eater from Harry Potter


9. Take fun to another level and go blonde – channel Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn (P775.50) or Frozen’s Elsa (P987) 

So have fun playing dress up with your pet, your little siblings, or your friends – heck, throw them a Halloween party even! It’s time to trick-or-treat yourself this Halloween season and enjoy the few remaining months of 2016.  Rappler.com 

Editor’s note: This article contains Lazada affiliate links.

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