Home design tips for today’s young urban creatives

Home design tips for today’s young urban creatives
Take cues from Ortigas & Company’s Maven at Capitol Commons and get tips from Space Encounters and Heim Interiors on how to spruce up your own home

[Editor’s note: The following is a press release from Ortigas & Co.]

MANILA, Philippines  Designing your own space is an adventure that allows you to creatively express yourself.

To make sprucing up your home more enjoyable and proceed without a cinch, Wilmer Lopez of Space Encounters and Robert Rojales of Heim Interiors came up with a list to help young and hip individuals effectively create a space that’s both practical and personal.

1. Know yourself (and who you’ll be living with)

Who will be living in the space? If you’re living with someone, it’s important to brainstorm and strategize together. Maybe one of you is an old soul, while you’re a bit contemporary.

On the chance that you’ll be living solo, and ask yourself what you really need for your home.

Lopez says, “The first and most important thing to consider is your lifestyle. This will dictate how the space will be planned. If you are the type who likes entertaining guests, then focus on your living room. Make sure it is comfortable with many nooks and some lightweight chairs that guests can easily move around.”

2. Consider your space

Check if the space you have can accommodate large pieces of furniture or if you should go for more multi-functional pieces. This way, you don’t spend on things that won’t fit or won’t serve you in the long run. Rojales says, “You want your home to reflect your personality and travels, but do it with the mindset of a good designer. Don’t overdo it. Details are key, but there is the concept of less is more.”

Lights were kept bright to render a more spacious feel, while details such as plants, colored vases, and an abstract painting kept the look interesting.

3. Be informed of design trends, but stick to what works for you

It pays to get ideas from trends as they can inspire you to translate those in your own home.

Rojales reveals that industrial spaces are a hot thing lately. Elements like polished cement is a great canvas for colors and is low maintenance, while bricks executed as design accents can instantly add warmth and a sense of refined taste to a space.

Meanwhile, Lopez has his eyes on the increasing impact of Scandinavian concepts in the global design arena. Incorporating “hygge” or a certain feeling of warmth and coziness to the home is now in vogue especially among the younger set, with well-lit units that invoke an easy, positive vibe.

Refreshing brights add a dose of coziness. Vintage elements elevate the style in Maven's three-bedroom model unit.
A trendy aesthetic is the fusion of colors with vintage elements, as seen in homes in Palm Springs, California, according to Rojales.

4. Balance creativity and practicality

While cool, Instagram-worthy furniture and decorations are tempting to buy, remember that furniture has a utilitarian purpose. That four-poster bed may look awesome, but it takes too much space. Collections can also make your den look cluttered.

Rojales sounds off a friendly reminder. “You should know the balance between investing in great, key items while still being practical.”

You can spend on one item which will be the focus of your favorite room. Splurge on that conversation starter you’ve eyed for ages, then work towards filling out the rest of the room with accent items that still have character but cost less.

5. Think long-term

Putting together the look and feel of your home is as much an investment as buying the property itself. Buy pieces that will last you a long time. Do your research, seek help from friends with design know-how, or ask those who already had a home project experience.

Make sure your creative choices aren’t based on current whims. Implement choices you can live with for a long time. This saves you the hassle of having to change looks, which can only lead to getting stressed and spending more.

Understanding the pursuits and passions of today’s young urbanites was important to Space Encounters and Heim Interiors when they created Maven’s model units. 

Lopez says, “Whatever design you go for, make sure you have a deep attachment to it. Trends pass but your personality will never go out of style.”

Black and white, even when combined with a color accent, is a timeless look.

Maven is Ortigas & Co.’s newest residential tower for Manila’s hip, young creatives at Capitol Commons, the metro’s premier lifestyle district. It’s the epitome of the coming together of work and play, with spaces that encourage and cultivate today’s active urbanites’ different pursuits and dynamic lifestyles. For more information, visit ortigas.com.ph or call 632-0060.  Rappler.com

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