Level up your Kris Kringle game with Lazada’s newest Taobao Collection

Level up your Kris Kringle game with Lazada’s newest Taobao Collection
Alibaba’s Taobao Collection is now in PH, giving us access to millions of unique products through Lazada

MANILA, Philippines – Something soft, something hairy, something blue.

Most Kris Kringle categories are generic and vague but it doesn’t mean secret santas can’t get creative. Instead of buying last minute items from the nearby convenience store, why not level up your gift-giving game, and make it more convenient as well, by shopping online from Lazada’s Taobao Collection?

Alibaba’s Taobao, a China-based online marketplace platform, is one of the biggest in the world. Now, Taobao products are available in the Philippines through Lazada.

Here are some products that you can find from the Taobao Collection that are not only well-thought-out but are also useful in the office or at home (you can pay through cash on delivery and shipping is free!):

Something soft

Shoe laundry bag (P198.00)

Help keep your baby’s sneakers sparkling white by giving him or her this protective shoe laundry bag. Just put your shoes inside the bag and throw it in the washing machine. No need to waste time scrubbing stubborn stains away.

Something hard

Remote control storage box (P508.00)

Your baby will never lose the remote control for the TV, cable box, aircon, or projector again with this remote organizer. He or she can even take it up a notch by labeling the organizer so people know which remote goes to which slot.

Something smooth

Milk box plastic cup (P396.00)

This cute water cup will remind your baby to always stay hydrated. Drinking water boosts the metabolism, sharpens the memory, increases productivity, and helps keep us alert while working.

Something hairy

Multi-color false eyelashes (P122.00)

Your baby will definitely rock around the Christmas tree with these multi-colored false eyelashes. The eyelashes are available in green, blue, red, purple, and orange.

Something cool

Smart medicine box (P286.00)

In the beginning, there were smartphones, smart TVs, and smart houses, now there are smart medicine boxes. This will not only help your baby organize medicines but it will also remind him or her when it’s time to pop a pill.

Something useful

Eyebrow card (P117.00)

Kilay is life. But not everyone is skilled enough to draw flawless eyebrows. If your baby is one of them, then give her this eyebrow card so her kilay is on fleek in time for Christmas.

Something blue (or whatever color)

Folding magic hanger (P301.00)

There are events or special meetings that require us to bring extra clothes to the office, so it will be handy for your baby to keep a folding hanger, in his or her favorite color, inside the office cabinet.

If you’re still looking for unique Christmas gift ideas, Taobao will be bringing in millions of products to Lazada just in time for the Online Revolution Sale. You can now shop at the Taobao Collection at https://taobao.lazada.com.ph. – Rappler.com

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