5 spicy food challenges to try with your friends
5 spicy food challenges to try with your friends
Can you handle the heat?

MANILA, Philippines – Are you the type of person who puts hot sauce on everything? The one who orders whatever it is that’s spicy on the menu? Or that one person who can’t eat a meal without chopped chilis on the side? If you said yes to everything, then here’s something to make your spicy food-loving heart happy.

We’re giving you more reasons to eat spicy food by trying these challenges with your friends. You think you can handle the heat? Yes? #ExtraHotChallenge pics (and videos) or it didn’t happen.

1. Spicy noodle challenge

If you haven’t tried the Samyang Foods 2x Spicy Hek Buldak Bokkeummyun challenge, are you even a spicy food lover? There’s no better time to try this because it’s now readily available in most supermarkets. No need to scour obscure Korean groceries or to buy online or from friends for a ridiculously high price. And for your information, there’s no such thing as the Samyang 4x spicy noodles despite many online sellers saying it in the product description. Take it from The Ramen Rater.

 2. Spaghetti from Hell Challenge

If you’re heading to Singapore with your friends soon and are up for an international spicy food challenge, go for the Spaghetti from Hell from a diner called Southwest Tavern. The name plus the indemnity form that you have to sign say it all. Do you think you can finish this hellishly spicy dish in just 10 minutes?

 3. #OneChipChallenge

The official challenge may be over but it’s not too late to try the spiciest tortilla chip in the world. The spice level of this Paqui tortilla chip is reportedly at 1.9 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Carolina Reaper, the chili pepper where this chip was derived from, is 200 times spicier than jalapeno. The people who have tried this chip “swore, sweat, and cried” while some are hot enough to try more than one piece! It’s not yet in the supermarkets but if you really want one, you can try getting it from Ebay.

4. World’s hottest chili pepper challenge

If the #OneChipChallenge is not enough, why not try the world’s hottest chili pepper itself – the Caroline Reaper – at your own risk. It’s said to be at 2,200,000 SHU and is holding an official Guinness World Record. It sounds scary but real people have actually tried it. Would you dare?

5. Mega Extra Hot Sardines Challenge

The Philippines also has its own share of spicy food like the famous Bicol express and Laing. And now, there’s Mega Extra Hot Sardines – hotter than the usual spicy sardines but still oh so good. Try this #ExtraHotChallenge not so you’ll swear, cry, or sweat buckets but to add a strong kick of spice to any ordinary meal. Enjoy the deliciously spicy flavor without the torture, am I right?

Remember, though, that before trying any spicy food challenge, make sure you can physically handle the extreme flavors. Try a small amount first and gauge the hotness level before going in for more. Don’t try to finish the whole thing if you can’t! And lastly, have a glass of milk or a tub of ice cream ready to beat the heat.

Have you tried any of these? Share videos or photos of your #ExtraHotChallenge with us! –


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