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7 videos to boost your productivity
Here are 7 bite-sized videos to watch and share with your friends every day of the week

MANILA, Philippines —  Wanting to better yourself is a common desire for many. However, with our busy schedules, allotting time for learning is not always easy.

For one, many still think that learning is about enrolling into classes, reading self-help books, studying — activities that are not always “fun” for everybody and may take a lot of time. Well, to truly boost your productivity, a mindset shift must first be in place.

We must realize that learning is no longer as formal as it once was. In a time where our lives are becoming more and more connected to the internet, self-teaching is the easiest than it has ever been.

The question is, where do we start? Well, they say the best way to learn is visually, through watching. You can gain so much from even the most bite-sized of videos. So to help you out, here are some of our recommendations:

Understanding procrastination

Feeling a bit sluggish, the Monday blues perhaps? Well, the first step to making a difference is understanding.

In this insightful yet lighthearted TED Talk, Tim Urban asks us to reflect on procrastination. With some deep thought comes better realizations—like what opportunities are lost when we put things off and the financial cost of procrastination.

In this talk, Urban encourages to start seeing things in the “now.” Hopefully, this can boost anyone’s productivity.

Get the gist of many self-help books

Are you passionate about reading but feel like you don’t have the time anymore?

While the warm satisfaction of sitting down and immersing yourself in a book is irreplaceable, learning which lessons a book contains without reading cover to cover is not impossible.

The Productivity Game Youtube channel features a self-help book every week. Via an animated video, the channel provides book summaries, doling out the most important lessons you could gain from reading the featured book.

Who knows, what you may learn from each video might pique your interest enough to get you to sit down and read the whole thing.

Learn how to hack your to-do list

Can’t focus? Your attention constantly redirected? You may need to learn how to make a proper to-do list.

In this video, David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, explains the technique in creating a to-do list that actually works. It’s all about making the right considerations in crafting your list and learning how to commit to what you came up with.

Train yourself to memorize fast and easily

We often bring up weak memory as a sign of aging (those in their mid-20’s would know the feeling). Well, in your free time, you could do some memory training.

Firstly, this video details the difference between visual and verbal memory. As it suggests, training your visual memory may just be the trick.

It’s all about creating the right visual cues and learning the proper ways to use them.

Get your science fix through pop culture

If you’re the kind of person who likes to use brain teasers to jumpstart their thinking, the Because Science Youtube channel may be just the thing you need.

In this video series, Nerdist Science Editor Kyle Hill uses real-world math and science concepts to delve pop culture such as TV, movies, and video games.

Think of it as a Beakman’s World for the 20-something nerdy you.

Fix your workflow with the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the most ideal ways to maintain focus and boost productivity.

The technique uses a method of alternating study and break times of 25 and 5 minutes respectively. Each long burst is called a “pomodoro.”

Learn how to master this productivity tool with this video.

Inspire yourself with good writing

If you’re in the creative field, you may know just how hard it when writer’s block hits you. Where do you get inspiration?

What better way than through relatable examples! Just Write is a YouTube channel which creates short video essays that use popular movies and TV shows as case studies. What worked? What didn’t? Just Write is here to tell you.

If you found these videos helpful, take your learning to the next level. They say the best way to truly absorb something is by trying your hand at teaching it to others.

Smart Giga Video+ not only gives us the means to consume the culture that interests us through its data + Video Every Day allocation, but it also helps us cultivate relationships because of its UNLICALL and UNLITEXT allocations.

Watch more and be more everyday and reach out to friends and family to tell them about your new discoveries. Learning experiences are made all the better when they are shared as you become #WatchYouWantToBe. –

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