Cook like a chef from your home with these recipes
Cook like a chef from your home with these recipes
What if you could do “pang-restaurant” dishes from the comforts of your home?

MANILA, Philippines – Do you consider yourself a foodie? How many times has this happened to you?

You visit a restaurant. You try a dish, it’s the chef’s specialty. It blows your mind, and you say “if only I could eat this every day.” You end up convincing yourself, you’ll learn the dish so your friends and family could try it too! But then, your thoughts drag you straight back down to earth. It’s a restaurant dish, no way is it simple! It must take so much preparation, you think. Who has the skill and the time for that?

You’re caught in a foodie dilemma.

The Knorr Test Kitchen

There’s a way though — easy-to-make restaurant quality dishes. And four celebrity chefs were inspired to share their secrets to their simple but delicious specialties at The Knorr Test Kitchen event held at the Greenbelt 3 Open Park last March.

The recipes shared were made possible with the use of Knorr SavorRich, Knorr’s first ever liquid meaty seasoning. Its liquid form allows for deeper meat penetration, thus reducing the time for marination and the need for seasoning.

Here are the celebrity chefs and their specialty dishes you could do from the comforts of your home.

Chef Nicco Santos’ Coffee Pork Ribs


Chef Nicco Santos of Your Local specializes in Southeast Asian flavors.

Inspired by his travels, Chef Nicco made a version of this Singaporean staple that adds more herbs but also cuts marination time from overnight to 1-2 hours.

Chef Happy Ongpauco’s Garlic Fried Chicken

Best-known for her restaurants Pamana and Tsokolateria, Chef Happy Ongpauco’s expertise is Filipino cuisine.

As a mom, Chef Happy designed her dish, Garlic Fried Chicken, as comfort food that’s both kid-friendly and easy-to-make, allowing her to spend more time with her family.

Chef Kalel Chan’s Pork Sisig Gyoza


A chef renowned for modern Asian fusion cuisine, Chef Kalel Chan of Raintree Restaurants merged two distinct Filipino and Japanese favorites in his Pork Sisig Gyoza.

For Chef Kalel, what binds his dish is the right balance of flavor. He intentionally replaced patis for SavorRich to add a punch of meaty flavor.

Chef Josh Boutwood’s Roast Chicken with Barley Porridge


Chef Josh Boutwood, of Savage and Helm fame, is a master of Western fine dining.

For his dish, Roast Chicken with Barley Porridge, he emphasizes the power of right marinades. He uses SavorRich to reduce marination time but at the same time keeping flavors intact.

Who said you have to spend long hours and tire yourself to make specialty dishes worthy of restaurant dining? You can nail all these recipes in no time from your own home.

What dish are you most excited to try out? –

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