The many and unique ways to enjoy your SPAM
The many and unique ways to enjoy your SPAM
Here are some SPAM recipes to elevate any occasion

MANILA, Philippines – SPAM is an institution. There’s no contesting that.

It is one of those brands that has made itself synonymous with both the product and experience it provides. It is to luncheon meat what Google is to online searches, Xerox is to photocopying, and what Kodak was once to photography.

Aside from its signature sizzle, I’d like to believe that what makes SPAM so strong until this day is its versatility. Whatever the moment, there is a way to enjoy SPAM – whether it’s a unique SPAM product variant or a creative way of serving SPAM.

Here are just some scenarios and the perfect SPAM recipes to elevate the occasion.

Breakfasts from around the globe

Let’s start with the basics. SPAM and breakfast go together like sinigang and rain or peanut butter and jelly. (If it ain’t broke, why fix it right?)

But just because the staple works, it doesn’t mean you can’t add twists to it from time to time. Why not add a bit of globe-trotting flare to your SPAM breakfast?

Craving for some Mexican food? Try a SPAM burrito!

Looking for some more Asian flavors? Go for SPAM Kung Pao!

 SPAM Kung Pao

Brunching with your constants

If you’re the type who likes to brunch with your amigas, then you don’t have to go out of the house anymore and visit some fancy, pricey place for some much-needed catch-ups.

From the comforts of your own kitchen, you can easily do these recipes.

 SPAM Scrambled Eggs

SPAM Spread

Drinks with the guys

Are you more of a night person? Like after-hours drinks with friends instead of breakfasts under the sun? Here are some recipes to go along with your drink-accompanied long conversations.

SPAM Chips

Tokwa't SPAM

Which recipes are you most excited to try out? Want to see more SPAM recipes, visit –






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