Why my only New Year’s resolution is to be a better friend

Rea Gierran
This 2020, avoid being the "panira ng usapan" and start giving your barkada the care they deserve

MANILA, Philippines – A new year always signals new beginnings and the need to change for the better. While some resolve to be healthier by eating more vegetables or exercising more, I’ve decided to be a better friend. 

It’s not because I’ve managed to eat healthier or achieved my #bodygoals. It’s because I believe that being a good friend is the key to a happier life.

Friendships are one of the hardest relationships to nurture. They’re the first ones to get completely forgotten when our lives start to get busy. It starts with a series of messages left on read and before long, you’ll notice they’ve stopped asking how you’re doing or if you’re down for an inuman

 It’s embarrassing to admit but even though I live close to my childhood friend, I’d say no whenever she would ask me to hang out. Partly because I was tired of her whining about her boyfriend. I kept on seen zoning her for months until she no longer messaged me.

It wasn’t until the Christmas break that I realized how much we’ve grown apart. I checked her Facebook page and it was full of photos from her vacation and night outs with a new barkada. I tried reaching out to her but it’s been hard finding a common schedule. I haven’t given up and I’m hopeful that she still wants to reconnect, but looking back, if only I had the patience and willingness to listen to my friend who has once helped me get through a tough time in my life, things wouldn’t be this difficult. 

In San Mig Light’s ‘Mga Panira ng Usapan series, these are the things they talk about. The videos aim to make people realize the importance of knowing how to listen and learning how to be a good friend. One of these is by being aware of habits we should avoid, such as being a panira ng usapan

An example of being a panira ng usapan is a hijacker or someone who likes hogging conversations and interrupting people while they’re speaking.


Being a good friend doesn’t stop at being present in all of your get-togethers. You also have to be conscious of how you behave around them. Give your friends the chance to talk. Wait until they’re finished before taking your turn. And before you even start talking, make sure that what you’re going to say is only going to add value to your conversation. 

So, for those like me who often go MIA and don’t have the patience to listen, I’d like to tell you that being a better friend can do more for you than adapting to strict diets and excessive (and expensive) exercise plans. Having good friends is the best way to add happy years to your life. – Rappler.com


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