Save energy, save money: Tips for your household

MANILA, Philippines – Along with rising temperatures, the onset of summer also brings about another sudden increase: this time, in our household electricity bills. With air conditioners operating much longer than usual and refrigerators on full blast, expect a spike on your monthly power readings.

If you’ve been watching your electricity consumption very closely yet still end up with bill shock, then maybe it’s time to review not just your usage, but also the appliances you use. Here are some tips to help you pick cost- and energy-efficient appliances for your home:

4. A helpful guide in selecting appliances is the energy efficiency ratio or factor (EER/EEF). Look for appliances with a higher number on the EER/EEF label as a this indicates better energy saving performance.

5. When choosing refrigerators and air conditioners, consider getting one with inverter technology. Inverter-enabled refs and ACs employ smarter temperature controls, which allow regulated cooling at a fraction of the operating cost.

6. Washing machines are a common fixture in most households. Consider getting newer models which also incorporate water-saving features and take eco-friendly living to another level.

Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. Visit an appliance store today and consult a professional about their inventory of eco-saving lifestyle appliances. Upgrade your home to one that is energy efficient and kind to the environment. –

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