What it means to be an astig Filipino in 2018

MANILA, Philippines — Who do we call astig in this day and age?

Do we still reserve it for the macho? For those who swagger with bravado? Or has astig grown beyond that?

Living in changing times call for changing needs, and in this ever progressing world, hardness alone leads to rigidity. The stiffest of objects merely turn brittle.

Being astig today is not just about being cool. It also involves resilience.

It’s when we marry solidity and strength to grace and flexibility that we become truly astig.

We’ve possessed these qualities for long now. It’s what lies in our Filipino spirit and what makes the Filipino astig in 2018, more than ever.

 A challenging year

Living in the Philippines, we can encounter the toughest of challenges every day. One day it could be transport breaking down; the next, a typhoon flooding our homes and streets.

We never truly know when to expect it. This year, things may have become even more challenging. We are even celebrating Philippine Independence Day with the rains pouring down on us hard.

But these are the moments where we let our astig spirit truly shine.

We never let challenges get the better of us.

We pick ourselves up. Together, we build each other better.

We’ve shown this strength through the years, and we will continue to do so. We will push back even more.

Astig ng Pinoy

This quiet pride is what Red Horse highlights in their new ad, Astig ng Pinoy.

Forged by the heat of the tropics and shaped by strongest of currents, the ad shows that we Pinoys are a different kind of tough.

We come in different shapes and sizes: from in-ring fighters to those who fight to save the lives of our soldiers in the battlefield, from those who scream their hearts out on stage to those we yell our lungs out for when they win the game.

We Filipinos define astig, and astig defines us. No other country, no other people can own the word. Astig is Filpino, and it is what it’ll forever be. — Rappler.com

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