Redefining space: When art and technology meet

MANILA, Philippines – When art and technology come together the outcome can be limitless.

Green Sun is a place that welcomes all sorts of artists and provides them a space to experiment and showcase their work.

Known for their spacious rooms such as the Atrium, Axon and SOMA, Green Sun’s biggest function room, The Eye, offers a different canvas to various artists.

The 1,000 square meter room with 6-meter-high walls serve as a 360 display. Spectators can be taken to different places in a matter of seconds. They can be surrounded by a view of a city skyline or be taken to a white sand beach in an instant.

The 360 photo up top shows a view from the center of The Eye with images projected on all 4 walls. Explore it by dragging the image left and right or using the icons at the bottom of the screen.

“The Eye represents the visual and technological end of things,” Cedric Hornedo, Creative Director for Green Sun. “We invite artists who are open to fusing their art with technological elements to create a display, but not your regular 2D display.”

His experience with 3D animation in the late nineties and his over a decade long career as a visual effects director for a major television network not only led to the creation of the genre ‘fantaserye,’ but also gave him this opportunity to help create an artistic hub like Green Sun.

“Technology can now also be used to create [art],” he said.“Even more inspirational stuff can also be created if an artist spends more time on his concept instead of the canvas.

The Eye, he said, is a canvas ready for artists who want to explore mixing technology and art.

The Eye: A virtual experience

One of the biggest challenges to build The Eye was to seamlessly put everything together. The only way that they could do this was through trial and error. Hornedo shared that since they didn’t have a ‘blueprint’ to pattern it after, it took them a year before they officially launched to the public in 2014.

He was the one who helped put everything together, working with multiple teams to make sure that everything was aligned and ready to roll out.

He continues to make sure that Green Sun helps in strengthening the arts with unique spaces, and The Eye is a place they believe that can do just that.

He said: “I still believe that in this era, creativity is at its peak. [Green Sun] is a place for artists to express themselves and if there are things that I can push for, I will.”

Hornedo hopes that someday there will be more places inspired by Green Sun and more locations to engage a newer and larger audience. He wants continue promoting the Filipino talent and inspire the creative community around the country.

“I want to reach the provinces, not just in Luzon but up to Mindanao, and hopefully in the future we can have more places like Green Sun," he said. –