Hong Kong Disneyland attractions that aren’t just for kids

Thinking of where to take the family this Christmas?

Hong Kong Disneyland is a classic option for holiday getaways. It’s a family favorite for a reason — it’s perfect for kids, but it’s a timeless attraction adults are sure to enjoy, too.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a high energy ride, or you just want to sit back and enjoy large-scale productions complete with meticulously executed music and dance numbers.

Here are some of the best attractions Hong Kong Disneyland has to offer. Find out which one suits your personality!

Iron Man Experience

The Iron Man Experience sets itself apart by virtue of its 3D projections, surround sound, and other special effects. The gravity-defying Iron Wing simulates flight, which makes for a unique and immersive feeling.

You’ll like this attraction if you’re an Avengers fan, and you’re fascinated with technology and how it can change the world — just like the Stark family.

You’ll appreciate the technology that goes into these attractions, but more than that, you’ll love seeing how technology can improve lives, as shown in the Stark Expo.

This exhibition showcases a legacy to change the world for the better through inventions. It contains the Iron Man III Mark Suit, used for defense; and the Arc Reactor, which provides clean and sustainable energy options.

Mickey and the Wondrous Book

Hardcore Disney fans should check out Mickey and the Wondrous Book. It contains both new and old favorites, including Mickey, Goofy, and characters from The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Brave, Aladdin, The Princess and the Frog, and Frozen.

Using artistry and technology, these characters converge in a large-scale production to take guests through a magical journey.

This show is perfect for music lovers. Sing along to catchy songs, feast your eyes on the costumes, and get into high spirits with the dance numbers.

If you’re looking for the classic Disney experience filled with heartwarming, imaginative storytelling, Mickey and the Wondrous Book is just the thing for you.


No Disneyland experience is complete without taking home a souvenir or two! Every season, Hong Kong Disneyland offers new gift ideas and holiday collectibles.

The Duffy and Friends range is particularly popular among guests. Stella Lou, the latest addition to the Duffy collection, introduces nearly 40 new items every year.

This line includes plush toys, stationery, daily essentials, phone cases, purses, accessories, pins. Almost all are exclusive to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Are you into shopping sprees? You’ll enjoy choosing from the hundreds of presents available. Spread the spirit of giving this Christmas at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Planning your trip

As much as you want to experience all the best Hong Kong Disneyland has to offer, you don’t want this mini-adventure to be stressful.

Even if you have your rides picked out, make sure you plan your trip ahead. Queues in Hong Kong Disneyland, especially during holidays, can get overwhelming.

Schedule your itinerary so you can maximize your time instead of spending most of the day falling in line.

For a stress-free visit to the happiest place on earth, download the Klook travel app. You can enter the park at your own convenience, skip the queues to your favorite attractions, and enjoy discounts when you purchase your tickets using this app.

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Have you already scheduled your visit to Hong Kong Disneyland? Which rides are you planning to try? — Rappler.com


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