INFOGRAPHIC: Road trip ideas for the whole family

MANILA, Philippines – Pack your bags, load up the car, gather the kids, and head on a road trip with your family this weekend. 

Taking a quick vacation is a great way to refresh your family’s spirits, especially if everyone is feeling burnt out from work and school. Along the way, you can even have some fun before you reach your destination. (READ: Why driving time can be family time).

A grown-up’s road trip itinerary usually resembles an accounting ledger with every single detail mapped out. This time, make room for unexpected stops. See where those surprise turns can take you.

If your itinerary does not go according to plan, don’t worry. Sometimes, the best adventures come when you least expect them. 

For your next family road trip, check out the infographic below for some destination suggestions. We’ve thrown in some side trip ideas as well. –