Rum, celebrations, and the Filipino Drinker

MANILA, Philippines ­– 4 big chunks of ice clinking against glass. The ice slowly dissolves into the amber liquid. You give the glass a swirl and take a sip. The silky substance slides down your throat and immediately warms the body. Excitement builds up. A smile forms on your mouth.

The feeling of drinking a glass of rum is similar to having your pitch approved or ending a productive week. Accomplishment, just like a sip of this drink, can taste sweet and heady.

No wonder it’s the drink of choice for small and big victories alike.

The Philippines’ abundance of sugar canes made it an ideal rum production hub. When the Spaniards introduced rum production in the 1800s, even they would never have imagined that the liquor would be so ingrained in Filipino culture. Add to that the Filipino’s propensity for merriment and fiestas being an all year round affair and it only makes sense for the sugar cane-based liquor to be the Filipino’s drink of choice.

The rum aficionados

You’ve got your beach bum, who drives up to La Union every weekend to catch waves and lounge around with friends. He’s got his board, rash guard, and two bottles of rum stowed in the back seat.

Then there’s the executive from the multinational company, who ends a long day of presentations and emails in a nearby speakeasy to quiet his mind. With his laptop closed and his smartphone on silent, he is the type who enjoys his rum neat.

And then there’s also the fun-loving, social media-savvy advertising director in chunky necklaces and strappy heels, who is sure to take a top view photo of her light pink daiquiri with the hashtag #CheersToTheWeekend, before taking a sip and having a roaring good time with her weekend crew.

Rum is a no-frills kind of liquor that goes well with mostly anything and can be enjoyed by anyone. It's time to get to know it better. Here are some fast facts on this perennial party liquor. –

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