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LIST: Must-have headphones and speakers to upgrade your audio experience

Thanks to the months-long quarantine, it’s no surprise that most people have found time to turn to music and other forms of home entertainment to keep themselves occupied.

In a July 2020 survey by Spotify conducted with market research company YouGov Singapore, 85% of its Filipino adult respondents say they play either music or podcast content throughout the day. If that resonates with you, then putting on earphones or increasing your phone’s volume might’ve been habits you developed or clung to on any given day in 2020.

That alone should be enough to convince you to get yourself quality audio equipment. Good audio quality makes all the difference when it comes to getting the best listening experience.

Marshall is a heritage audio brand known for its superior sound paired with sleek design that people of all ages will appreciate. Whatever audio content you consume and however you want to listen to it, there’s a Marshall product just for you.

Here are some scenarios that might sound familiar and what Marshall product will up your audio experience.

When you play music for hours on end

Have you checked your Spotify Wrapped for 2020? If you’ve clocked in tens of thousands of minutes listening to music, you might want to give yourself some heavy-duty audio equipment.

The Major IV is a great companion for long hours of play. Photo from Marshall

Consider Major IV, Marshall’s iconic wireless headphones. This is your perfect buddy for your undisturbed sound trip. You can use Major IV for 80+ hours or more than three days. Whether you’re staying home or heading out for the day, you won’t stress out about the battery life of Major IV, unlike most wireless earphones in the market today. Its quick-charge is a welcome feature too: You can get 15 hours of listening when you charge it for 15 minutes.

Play music in your room throughout the day with the Emberton. Photo from Marshall

Grab the compact and portable Emberton speaker if you’re the type of listener who likes filling any room with music. The Emberton’s battery life can last at least 20 hours; it has a quick-charge feature too, which helps you to enjoy 5 hours of playtime when you charge it for only 20 minutes.

Both products give the iconic classic Marshall look with a touch of modern design and the brand’s signature sound that delivers unrivaled bass and treble that will make you not only play but also enjoy music for long hours.

Get the Major IV (P8,690) on Lazada and the Emberton (P8,790) on Shopee.

When you want to block out noise

Some days, you just want to live in your bubble and keep everyone out. Your best bet is to put on headphones and crank up the volume.

The collapsible design of the Monitor II A.N.C. makes it a must-have for people who are always on the go. Photo from Marshall

For such days, make Monitor II A.N.C. your weapon of choice. With the wireless headphones’ active noise cancelling feature and its 40mm dynamic drivers, you can block out noise easily and hear crystal clear sound.

The A.N.C. button allows you to toggle between Active Noise Cancelling and Monitoring Mode, which lets you hear the outside world.

Bringing the Monitor II A.N.C. is not an issue at all too. Its collapsible design makes it a great companion for all your travels. The Monitor II A.N.C. also has a battery life of up to 30 hours while using both its Bluetooth and active noise cancelling features.

With this Marshall product, you can block noise anytime, anywhere with just a click.

Get the Monitor II A.N.C. (P18,290) on Lazada.

When you like to add background music to your day

For some people, working or studying is incomplete without ambient noise. It doesn’t even matter what’s playing. With most of us still staying indoors, you can still create that environment you’re looking for, thanks to special playlists available online.

The Google Assistant-supported Marshall Uxbridge Voice makes it easy for listeners to control both their music and day. Photo from Marshall

For a hassle-free daily setup, you can bank on Marshall Uxbridge Voice, the compact speaker in the brand’s line that allows you to control your music, podcasts, and radio with Google Assistant. You can also use it to do a Google Search or manage your tasks for the day, all it takes is your voice command.

The speaker’s dual microphone array is equipped with acoustic noise cancellation for far field voice interaction, so you can activate Google Assistant even from another room.

Get the Marshall Uxbridge Voice (P11,990) on Shopee.

When you enjoy sharing music with others

Listening to music is an experience, and it’s more fun when it’s a shared one. In the pre-pandemic world, you can simply gather and listen together.

Today, you can still do it safely with Spotify Premium’s Group Session. It’s a feature that allows subscribers to listen to one playlist at the same time – no matter where you all are.

The Kilburn II is designed to be taken anywhere. Photo from Marshall

Create the collective vibe with Marshall speakers that are small but pack a punch like the Kilburn II and Stockwell II. Both are compact but deliver multi-directional sound that will immerse you in music, whether you’re playing music indoors or outdoors.

The best part about both speakers is that they have built-in straps, making them convenient to bring around wherever your group sound trip takes you.

Make listening to music with friends more immersive with the Stockwell II. Photo from Marshall

Get the Kilburn II (P13,990) on Home Office and the Stockwell II (P11,290) on Shopee.

Investing in Marshall, be it headphones or speakers, might just be the best investment you’ll make in 2021.

Find out more about the range of products the iconic audio brand offers from official Marshall distributor Digits Trading, which owns premier lifestyle gadget stores Digital Walker and Beyond the Box. Visit their Shopee store here. –


Marshall specializes in audio products that deliver our signature sound profile and feature classic Rock ‘n’ Roll design. We offer several types of products from headphones to speakers. Marshall are defined as innovators and we will continue to push the boundaries of possibility to help inspire you to find your sound. Digits Trading is the official and authorized distributor of Marshall Products in the Philippines through the following outlets: Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, and HomeOffice. Shop with peace of mind as our products are 100% original and authentic.

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