Hit the road: 4 destinations for your family and barkada

MANILA, Philippines – Who says that you need to go jet-setting just to find some adventure?    

From singing songs to shouting “are we there yet?” from the back seat, a long road trip is a great opportunity to bond with your family or friends. Planned right, they’re also short enough to squeeze in over a weekend. In just a few hours, you can soak in the wonders of a whole new place without ever taking off from the ground. 

For the perfect road trip, you can’t risk bringing a car that might break down on the first stop. Your vehicle needs to stand tough against the forces of nature while still keeping you and your passengers comfortable.

Whether you choose to go with your family or with your crew, a sports utility vehicle (SUV) loaded with the right features can carry you across whatever road you choose (READ: Adventure trek: Top 4 challenging routes for your SUV).   

Check out the slideshow below for some road trip tips and ideas you can plan over a weekend. Remember, the important thing isn’t just to get there and back; it’s also to have some fun and get away, even for just a short time. – Rappler.com

Road trip 101 Before you hit the open road, get a mechanic to help make sure that your car is in proper working order. This check should include : Steering alignment + tire pressure Fluids – oil, coolant, washer, transmission Lights – headlights and brake lights Condition of the brakes Photo from Shutterstock The Pack List Now that your vehicle is ready, the next step is to pack these essential items before you leave the house: Food and water Survival kit – flashlight, extra batteries, tow rope for your car Tools – basic tool kit, tire jack + iron, tire gauge, roadside warning device Navigation – maps, GPS, mobile apps Fully-inflated spare tire First aid kit Phone charger Photo from Shutterstock Manila to Benguet Looking to cool off from the hot city climate? Then you might want to check out the crisp mountain ranges of Benguet, roughly 6 hours north of Manila. Things to do: For your crew: take a day-hike up Mount Timbak For kids: meet an animatronic T-Rex at Dinosaurs Island For the whole family: spend a relaxing day strawberry picking at La Trinidad For your SUV: A hill start assist feature will help you make the climb up safely and with ease, even with full cargo. Photos from Shutterstock Manila to Bicol In the opposite direction of Benguet is the Bicol Region, which is made up of six different provinces. The seaside region is one of the most popular tourist hubs in the country and sits around 9 hours south of the metro. Things to do: For your crew: ride an all-terrain vehicle along the lava wall of Mount Mayon For kids: go on a “zoofari” adventure at Haciendas De Naga For the whole family: spend a relaxing night on the beach at Paguriran Island For your SUV: For long and tiring highway drives, a lane keeping system feature in your SUV will keep your car safely in line. Photos by Christian Perez/Manila Old Timer and Melo Villareal/Out Of Town Blog. Bacolod to Cadiz City A fun road trip doesn’t have to stretch on forever. In just under two hours, you can take a day trip from Bacolod to Cadiz City. This small town is a hidden road-trip gem nestled in the heart of Negros Island. Things to do: For your crew: jump into the cool waters at Pacol Waterfalls For the kids: play with some flight-ful friends at the Balay Alibangbang butterfly farm For the whole family: Soak up some sun at Lakawon Island just off the shore. For your SUV: You’ll want to pack some extra gear if your day trip turns into an overnight stay. Ample storage space in your SUV is always ideal. Photos by Jessa Jacinto/Beach and Everything Nice and Nonoy Oplas/Travel Pinoy. Davao City to Cagayan De Oro Along the nearly 5-hour stretch of Sayre Highway, you can travel from Davao City to exciting Cagayan De Oro. Known as “the city of golden friendship”, this region is home to exciting activities for all ages. Things to do: For your crew: ride the rapids in one of the region’s many white water rafting spots For the kids: observe animals in their natural habitat at Mapawa Nature Park For the whole family: have a meal and soak in the scenery at Malasag Eco-Tourism Village and Gardens For drives like these where fluctuations in speed and traffic can be an issue, an adaptive cruise control system will automatically adjust your speed to maintain a safe distance from other cars. Photos by Rhoel Chavez Condeza.

While the All-New Ford Everest is fit to tackle any off-road challenge, it also offers a comfortable ride and enough safety features to keep you and your passengers safe on your next road trip.