Book your next staycation in this Spanish style colonial revival house in Batangas

Have you ever tagged your friends in a seat sale promo?  Created a group chat to plan a beach trip? 

We’re all familiar with these scenarios. We get excited over the idea of a temporary break from work or school only to see it become just another planned vacation that never got to see the light of day. 

Taking a vacation with friends is often easier said than done. You have to deal with booking plane tickets, exchanging currencies, budgeting, and the hardest of all – conflicting schedules. If you and your friends want to go on a vacation without having to go through such hassles then why not try going for a staycation?

Batangas boasts an impressive selection of vacation homes in Tali, a private seaside community located in Nasugbu. From lighthouse to mid-century modern, they offer different house styles that will appeal to different tastes. 

If you and your friends like to enjoy the seaside and sunset views in a simple Spanish colonial revival house, then Tali Vacation Home is the perfect place for you.

Tali Vacation Home is fit for large groups. They have 3 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms which means you and your friends can comfortably relax and make yourselves feel at home. 

They also have a big parking space right outside the main door which will save you from worrying about your car’s safety. You don’t have to be troubled with the idea of trespassers because the subdivision has a 24-hour security and a guarded post that will keep outsiders from entering the neighborhood. 

Have friends who are on a special diet? Their kitchen is well-equipped so they can still eat food that fits their dietary needs even when they’re on vacation.

Throw the best pool party and make this staycation worthy of #TBT photos by singing karaoke while enjoying fresh inihaw meat and seafood using their outdoor grill. You can get help from Jay,  their caretaker, to set things up. 

A PRIVATE SPACE. You and your friends can get the whole villa all to yourselves. Photo by Jenny Chua/Rappler 

It’s time to reassess our priorities and stop putting off spending time with our friends. Australia-based relationship expert and author, Dr. Nikki Goldstein said that they’re important to achieve good mental health. 

With so many great amenities Tali Vacation Home has to offer, you won’t have a hard time turning a mundane weekend with friends into a memorable one.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your next staycation in Tali Vacation Home now. For more details, visit their Facebook page–