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What the coronavirus taught us about building great teams at work

What the coronavirus taught us about building great teams at work
It’s not just about equipping your employees with the best tools, it’s also about looking after their health and mental wellness, too

The definition of building a great team has significantly changed in the past 10 years. What used to be a process of hiring people who have similar backgrounds is now replaced with ensuring that the members are as diverse as possible when it comes to mindsets and perspectives. All their attributes and skills are now also factored in the recruiting process. 

Building teams is a science after all. In this study by Harvard Business Review, they found that “the best way to build a great team is not to select individuals for their smarts or accomplishments but to learn how they communicate and to shape and guide the team so that it follows successful communication patterns.”

But to be honest, not all of us are cut out for this kind of job. Hiring is such a tedious and challenging process. It takes so much time out of our usual work that sometimes we just go for who we think has the best skills vis a vis our qualifications. We are often in such a hurry to fill a vacated role so we could go back to regular programming as soon as possible. 

What we don’t realize is a bad hire doesn’t just cost the company financially, it can affect the morale and productivity of the team especially during a crisis. So, to avoid bad hires, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) especially those located in North America, seek the help of outsourcing companies. Unlike most busy managers, they can focus on looking for people with the right set of hard and soft skills, attitude, and work ethic. 

One such company is Infinit-O. Their know-how of building strong, dependable,  high-performing teams was underscored when the coronavirus struck. While others scramble to move their work online or worse, shut down, companies who sought their help quickly adapted to the changes. 

Despite the work restrictions brought by the pandemic, their clients remained operational for their customers located in North America and other parts of Europe and Asia. Infinit-O was able to make this possible by prioritizing their team’s health and safety while still securing the best results for their clients. 

As soon as the coronavirus was declared a public health emergency last March, Infinit-O immediately operated with a skeletal staff and implemented a remote work arrangement. While the rest of the Philippines was at 66.5% operational capacity, Infinit-O responded with 100% client coverage support.

Aside from raising and implementing preventive measures and equipping their employees with the right tools for remote work setup, they also conduct wellness webinars for physical and mental health and other remote engagement activities. Studies show that happy employees contribute to the success of the company and help uplift their team’s morale. 

Seeing how SMB owners are forced to reduce their expenses to weather the crisis, Infinit-O saw the need to continue hiring and onboarding while ensuring the safety of the candidates and their recruitment team. With outsourcing being able to cut labor costs of up to 70%, they want to make sure that they continuously satisfy their current clients while they take care of their future client’s businesses. 

Building a great team is never easy and when faced with a global health crisis, it has just become more complex. But with the help of outsourcing companies that are dedicated toward creating a systematic approach of not just weathering but surviving problems, we can all rest assured that we can bounce back stronger. –