Here’s how you can build your dream home with Robinsons Appliances

Here’s how you can build your dream home with Robinsons Appliances
It starts by choosing the right appliances

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When building your dream home, there are important things to consider – from the cost to the construction process, down to the selection of appliances. Ideally, every detail should be well thought out. Whether these appliances are big-ticket items or small and handy tools, you want to invest in home essentials that save space and make everyday living so much easier. 

Likewise, you need a trustworthy supplier that offers the most reliable appliance brands, fit for every Filipino household.

As a trusted retailer of global appliance brands, Robinsons Appliances carries a wide array of home and kitchen appliances known for their durability and energy efficiency. Since 2000, it has been offering quality appliance products for both home and business owners. Their years of innovation and excellence have earned the trust of Filipino consumers, making them one of the go-to appliance retailers in the country.

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Among their flagship products include the Whirlpool Monolith Side By Side Refrigerator, which provides storage space up to 21 cubic feet – that’s plenty of space if you prefer storing food items in bulk. The side-by-side configuration allows you to organize your frozen goods from top to bottom and place the most-used supplies at eye level so you can reach for them effortlessly whenever you need to. 

This refrigerator is designed with Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Technology, a feature that allows the fridge to adjust its cooling settings based on its load inside. Thanks to Zen Inverter Technology, you don’t have to worry about paying high electricity bills as it has been power lab-tested by Meralco to only cost as low as P11.53 per day.

When it comes to preserving your family’s favorite food items, this Toshiba Two Door Top Mount Refrigerator is a great choice. This fridge has a vegetable box that regulates optimal humidity to preserve the freshness of food and make them last longer. It also has biocatalysts that filter bad odor and bacteria, keeping vegetables and meat products fresh and appetizing as ever.

Since Toshiba makes use of Inverter Technology, their refrigerators deliver the highest accuracy in temperature, taking into consideration factors such as your usage patterns and loaded capacity to save energy and lessen food waste.

For your kitchen needs, you can start by picking out a cooking range. It should fit inside your kitchen nicely and is reliable and safe to use just like the Midea gas ranges, which are renowned among Filipino homemakers for their durability and reliability.

This Midea black gas range, in particular, has electric pulse ignition which instantly ignites the burner without using too much gas. It also has an enamel oven cavity expertly engineered to withstand the grueling demands of the kitchen. Each burner is fitted with a flame failure device to ensure your safety when you’re cooking healthy and delicious meals for the family.

To complete your dream kitchen, you can also invest in the Haier range, a premium cooking range equipped with three gas burners, single electric plate, and 70 liter convection oven that lets you cook multiple dishes at once. It is also built in with a flame safety device to prevent accidents in the kitchen, making everything easier for you to prepare delicious meals for the whole family. 

If you love preparing food at home, these kitchen essentials are worthy investments to satisfy your family’s cravings and elevate your cooking skills at home. 

And now to spruce up your living area, you might want to check out this smart (and super cool) home-entertainment system. Samsung’s The Freestyle is a nifty device that you can use as a projector and smart speaker at the same time. It promises a 360-degree sound that can easily fill up a room – it’s no different from watching a blockbuster film inside a movie theater! Just connect it to a power source and you’re good to go.

If you don’t feel like watching your favorite films at home, you can use it as an ambient lighting device instead, a perfect buddy when you’re chilling out on your cozy sofa. It has a compact size and only weighs 830 grams anyway, so you can bring it with you to any part of the house whenever you like. 

The idea of building your dream home can be a little bit overwhelming. But by choosing the right appliances, and carefully planning each stage of the process from construction to design, you’re off to a great start. – Rappler.com

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