#CheckThisOut: Awesome mics that your favorite Pinoy “ASMRtists” are using

Winona Sigue
#CheckThisOut: Awesome mics that your favorite Pinoy “ASMRtists” are using
Looking for a great mic? Here’s a handy guide for you!

Editor’s note: Some finds are simply too good not to share. Let us guide you on some of the best deals out there. Before you check that cart out, be sure to #CheckThisOut🛒. Our articles contain affiliate links from our partners. We earn a small commission when you shop using these links.

A good quality microphone is essential these days because of the back-to-back online meetings and classes. You want a microphone that cancels the background noise and reduces echo during the calls. Or maybe you want a microphone that can pick up sounds in detail. 

Finding a great mic can be daunting – especially if you’re new to all things about microphones – so we asked audio enthusiasts, a.k.a your favorite Pinoy ASMRtists, to share their go-to mics. They talked about the mics they recommend for both beginners and certified audiophiles who want to achieve clean and crisp audio effortlessly (road to ASMR).

So if you’re currently looking for a great mic, check out these ASMRtists-approved mics and add them to cart ASAP.

Apple earphones

If you’re just starting out in the ASMR community, Apple earphones are a great place to start.  This was my very first microphone and I received good feedback every time I used it. They’re inexpensive and easy to use – perfect for those who want to experiment with different sounds without investing too much money. 


Fifine K678 

If you are a beginner and want a good quality sound, I recommend Fifine K678. This is what I used to start my YouTube channel and it does the job as well. It is also economical. Now, if you’re looking for something top-shelf, Blue Yeti it is!

Joycy ASMR

I’ve been in the ASMR community for a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that I came across this microphone. After much research, I decided to go ahead with the purchase because of its great features and affordable price. 

I really love using the FiFine K678 microphone for my videos.  It has made a huge difference in the sound quality of my videos and gives me and my viewers an ultimate ASMR experience. If you are looking for an affordable microphone with great features, then I highly recommend this one!


Blue Yeti

My go-to mic would have to be the Blue Yeti. It has the stereo mode which is the best for making ASMR. Plus, the pick-up is pretty crisp!


If you have a budget, for me, choose the Blue Yeti  mic because it is the best when it comes to quality. And almost all famous asmrtists have this microphone because of its quality and the beautiful sound it produces. 

But if you don’t have a budget like I did then, I started with an unbranded mic that also has a good sound. Even your earphones can be used as long as you are creative in what you do.


Fifine K690

My dearest microphone that’s with me through my ups and down! Fifine K690

I highly recommend this microphone to all aspiring ASMRtists (even streamers). Very easy to use with its plug and play feature, affordable and has crisp audio quality! I’ve made it this far with the help of Fifine and with the support of my Batik Batik Babies! I hope you guys can also achieve your dreams with Fifine K690 beside you! 

Ymareon Asmr

Boya BY-PM700

My go-to choice for an ASMR microphone is the Boya BY-PM700. It has a good sound quality with a wide frequency range. It can capture low-level sounds in detail, perfect for recording ASMR videos.


Zoom H6

The Zoom H6 is my go-to microphone when I’m recording ASMRs. Its portability allows me to record outdoors without the hassle of the pesky wires since it is powered by external batteries. Along with a variety of mic capsules and a secure case, it also comes with a ton of additional accessories which are handy for traveling.

 valoulette asmr

If you’re planning to start a podcast or a YouTube channel, or you just want to level up your audio quality for your next Zoom meeting, you might want to give these mics a try.  – Rappler.com

*Responses edited for brevity

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