#CheckThisOut: Nifty and aesthetic desk organizers for your study space

Winona Sigue
#CheckThisOut: Nifty and aesthetic desk organizers for your study space
Stay inspired and organized as face-to-face classes resume

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You know what tidying experts say: a place for everything and everything in its place. 

Keeping your things neat and organized can help you stay sane and productive, especially when things get busy at school. It allows you to have more time to work on important tasks instead of wasting time looking for missing school stuff like stapler, highlighter, and pens.

You can start by arranging your books (alphabetically or by color), wiping your desk with a clean cloth, and removing clutter like crumpled papers and unused pen caps. Another foolproof way to make your study space more conducive to learning is by sprucing it up with desk organizers. 

Desk organizers are nifty tools you can use to tidy up your desk and boost your productivity. They are available in ~aesthetic~ designs, too. From a hanging rack to a handmade trinket organizer, here are budget-friendly items that can spark joy in your student life.

Hanging rack

A hanging rack or a pegboard can help you organize things and save up some space on your desk at the same time. This board has pre-drilled holes, often made with steel or sturdy plastic. Just mount it against a wall, insert tiny hooks inside the holes, and use the hooks to hang stuff like scissors, a pen holder, and even a pot of plant. You can also search for cool designs on Pinterest for inspiration and start decorating your own pegboard.

File organizer

Old test papers. Org flyers. Reviewers. How do you keep these papers piling up on your desk organized? The trick is to use a file – surprise, surprise – organizer. You can use this minimalist file organizer to sort your documents and other important files in order. With its frosted and semi-transparent design, you can easily see through the contents inside. It’s also aesthetically pleasing!

Pen holder

This one is for the pen lovers. You can store your collection of pens in this acrylic pen holder. It’s sturdy, functional, and can match any decors on your desk.


As a student, you can’t help but acquire plenty of books. Sometimes, they can take over your desk, leaving you less space for studying. Of course, you can use a bookshelf to store and organize your books. But if you want to keep a few books on your desk, you might want to consider getting a bookend. It’s a pair of metal or plastic accessories that provide support to the books, keeping them tidy and upright.

Small trash bin

This mini trash bin is a must-have to keep clutter from piling up on your desk. It comes in pastel colors and only costs P69! 

Trinket tray

Typically, trinket trays are used to keep jewelry and some beauty items in one place. But you can also use it on your study desk. Got some loose change, pins, and other trinkets? You can store them in this cute and handmade tray. Turn some eyesore items to eye-candy real quick!

Your study area is the space where you do your homework and spend all-nighters before a grueling exam. As much as possible, you want it to be neat. In Marie Kondo’s words, you want it to spark joy. This way, you’ll be more inspired to study and ace the school year. – Rappler.com

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