#CheckThisOut: PAG-IBIG Loyalty Plus card is a treasure trove of discounts

Jaco Joves
#CheckThisOut: PAG-IBIG Loyalty Plus card is a treasure trove of discounts
We’re not talking about housing loans

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Unless you’re eyeing bigger life goals, there’s not much use for your PAG-IBIG account – or maybe, you haven’t heard of the Loyalty Plus card yet.

What’s the Loyalty Plus card? It’s a valid government ID, a loan disbursement tool, and a rewards card in one! But let’s focus on the perks.

Without paying anything additional (your contributions are enough), you will get instant access to a wide array of deals, from restaurants to clinics to, yes, school tuition fees.

Can’t believe it? Watch the video above. – Rappler.com

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Jaco Joves

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