#CheckThisOut: Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner who loves all things old school

Giselle S. Barrientos
#CheckThisOut: Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner who loves all things old school
We’re throwing it back to 2000s era digicams and 60s-style lamps

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Tease your hair up high, queue your romantic records, and find some neon lighting – we’re throwing it back to the old school days this Valentine’s Day.

This gift guide is made for lovers with nostalgic partners that love all things retro. These items are inspired from eras past, and lets you bond with your partner whether through Jane Austen-esque love letters or an 80s arcade game. Check out which gifts match your partner’s passions and have a memorable Valentine’s Day. 

P.S., don’t forget to play Madonna’s “Crazy For You” while you give your gift to really set the mood.

Mini arcade game

Do you and your partner have a competitive streak? Hash it out with arcade games that you can compare high scores on for hours on end. This mini arcade booth is packed with 156 retro games that you can play on the console itself, or connect to a TV via an AV cable to enjoy it on a larger screen. With its tiny size, your partner can even use it as a diorama piece for action figurines.

Lava lamp

A retro setup isn’t complete without an iconic lava lamp. Here’s a quick history lesson, distilled from The Smithsonian’s account: The item first became popular in the 60s when hippie culture surged and the psychedelic subculture was at its peak. Lava lamps dropped out of vogue in the 70s, but became in-demand again when the Austin Powers movies came out in the 90s – and they still make for a cool piece in a modern-day bedroom. Gift this to your partner to make your stay-in dates groovier.

Digital camera

Hyper-sharp, processed images can get a little boring after a while. Capture your memories with your bae through a more nostalgic lens with these digital cameras. Have fun with the old school zoom effects and the charming look of a digi-cam’s image quality. Plus, your phone’s camera roll won’t need to be cleaned out every few days.

Bluetooth typewriter keyboard

There’s something satisfying about the vintage aesthetic and the feeling of clickety-clacking on an old-school typewriter. To emulate that vibe, you can give your partner a typewriter-themed bluetooth keyboard. Write each other love notes (on Messenger) as if you’re star-crossed lovers in the 80s.

Fountain pen set

For more dramatic and heartfelt letters, give your partner a (important: feathered!) fountain pen set you can use to write each other handwritten notes. This fountain pen set lets you feel like a Bridgerton character as you pour your heart out through a V-day message for your sweetheart. If you can, no one’s stopping you from wearing Victorian regalia either as you compose your soul-stirring romantic prose.

Custom film roll keychain

We’re sure your partner keeps your memories together in their heart, but what about in a film canister? These film albums are custom-made with your favorite photos and then printed onto a keychain-sized film roll for your boo to pull out any time they’re missing you. Get matching rolls so you both know you have the same cute reminders of each other in your pocket, wherever you are.

Love is in the air, along with nostalgia this February. Have fun living out decades worth of fantasies and sharing a groovy kind of love with your partner on Valentine’s Day! – Rappler.com

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