PLDT Enterprise supports local businesses in embracing 5G technology

PLDT Enterprise supports local businesses in embracing 5G technology

AUGMENTED REALITY. Melvin Jeffrey Chan of PLDT Enterprise tries on 5G-Powered Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses in a recent international technology summit.

PLDT Enterprise's 5G internet connectivity opens new opportunities for businesses to elevate their operations

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Digital transformation has been a significant driver for businesses to enable growth and respond to changing market requirements. It allows them to revolutionize their operations which leads to limitless growth opportunities. 

As enterprises continue to leverage technology, there is a requirement for a strong wireless connectivity foundation, not only to support but to also enhance every facet of their business processes. 

5G or the fifth-generation mobile network is one of the technologies that enterprises may consider to accelerate their network capabilities to adapt to the changing needs of their customers.

5G technology is the next generation of wireless internet connection that offers faster speeds and more reliable internet connection. It is up to three times faster than LTE (4G) and has lower latency similar to a fiber internet connection. 

According to Melvin Jeffrey Chan, VP and head of Enterprise Innovations and IoT Business Development, “5G provides promising benefits to businesses of all sizes as it enables them to enhance their day-to-day operations and increase their business efficiency.”

“We are excited to help our enterprise customers speed up their own digital transformation journey through next generation communications. 5G is a future proof technology that companies may adopt today in order to make their businesses SMARTer,” Chan added.

“Some of the country’s major maritime ports, factories and other major industries have begun to incorporate Smart 5G connectivity in their day-to-day operations.” Said Gio Abaquin, Head of Wireless Innovations. “As the technology space continues to mature and embrace and evolve around 5G, this paves the way for more complex use cases such as Ultra-High Definition Video Analytics, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), remotely operated cranes and other more complex use cases to finally be attainable to Philippine businesses,” Abaquin added.

PLDT Enterprise offers 5G solutions to steer businesses to keep moving forward towards a smarter future. Business owners may subscribe to PLDT Enterprise’s Enterprise Broadband 5G and Enterprise Postpaid 5G to experience faster and more reliable connectivity for their offices and branches. 

Enterprise Broadband 5G enables employees to stay connected anytime and anywhere through its offered affordable enterprise broadband 5G plans. 

For as low as P1,899, enterprises may receive a data allocation of 90GB for a lag-free connection through its 5G Rocket Wi-Fi that can provide up to six times faster internet than LTE.  Likewise, It can connect up to 10 devices while improving its internet speed and reliability especially when multiple devices are connected simultaneously. 

Meanwhile, the Enterprise Postpaid 5G furthers businesses through faster connectivity to enhance their capabilities and provides a streamlined digital customer experience.

Depending on their needs and budget, users may subscribe to a data allocation of 20GB with unlimited text and calls to all networks, and unlimited landline calls for as low as P1,500. It is also supported by optional Google and Microsoft app add-ons which can be availed to experience daily data allocation tailored to the needs of an enterprise. For more information, visit https://pldtenterprise.com/solutions/mobility/5g. – Rappler.com