5 ways to stay entertained, everywhere

Krista Garcia
5 ways to stay entertained, everywhere
How to deal with long lines, bad traffic, and “He’s 30 minutes late”

MANILA, Philippines – So you can’t help but pay the bills on a Friday afternoon. Or your favorite hair stylist is still busy attending to another “Tita of Manila”. Or you just might be at home, simply out of things to do. In any of these situations, you have no choice but to wait. So you try to keep yourself entertained with whatever’s in hand – usually, your phone or tablet. 

Consider giving Facebook a rest for a moment to try something else. If we may suggest, here are 5 ways to kill time a little more meaningfully, whether you’re at home or just about anywhere. *

Catch up on your favorite TV series – During the iflix launch last June 24 in Green Sun, Makati, we caught up with Glee star Heather Morris, who said that this was the Glee cast’s favorite way of staying entertained in between takes. “We always had streaming, everyone had videos so we could watch TV shows all the time. We’d also play some games here and there,” she said. You can also enjoy this kind of on-demand entertainment, even if you’re at home and not really waiting for your turn at the camera. (READ: 13 shows Pinoys will be able to binge-watch on iflix)

Play Sherlock on the spot – This one you can do even when you’re on your own. If you’re stuck in a long line or traffic, check out the strangers around you and see if you can guess their life stories based on what they look like and what they’re doing. Who can play a secret agent, like Anne Hathaway in Get Smart? Who could most likely be a vampire?

Watch a really old movie – When there’s nothing else to do, the best thing to do is to binge-watch on your favorite movies – even when you’re on the go. Sign up for a streaming service so you can get your fix of flicks like Mean Girls, Kung Fu Panda, or Harry Potter. Since it’s all on streaming, you don’t need to worry about excessive memory space on your phone or tablet – just sign up, pick any episode and you’re good to go!

Play a Throwback Trivia Challenge – If you’re in the car with your family or your barkada, get the ball rolling with a game of “Who said what?” Throw around lines from your favorite old shows such as Friends, Sonic The Hedgehog, The Powerpuff Girls, and so on. See who has the sharpest memory!

Sing your heart out – This also works when you’re in the car, with people who would good-naturedly ignore your tone-deafness. Pick a song from your music library and just belt away! Then, share with the world (or your Snapchat friends) how you put the Glee cast to shame with your impromptu musical skills.

Which of these anti-boredom things have you done? How else do you stay entertained everywhere? Share your ideas below. – Rappler.com 

*With a moderate Internet connection

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