CONVERSATION: What is your vote worth?
CONVERSATION: What is your vote worth?
We asked netizens to speak out against vote-buying. Here's what they had to say

MANILA, Philippines – You may not think much about being in a tally of millions, but your vote is more than a number. It’s the sacred right of every Filipino. No matter who you are or where you stand, your vote represents your chance to have your voice heard.

With this right comes a huge responsibility. Your vote belongs to you, and no other person or party should take it by any means. (READ: The many ways of buying votes)

Unfortunately, vote-buying remains rampant during elections. It’s up to you to protect your right, and to inspire others to do so as well.

Last April 27, we invited people to discuss vote-buying and how Filipinos can come together to resist it. When the future of the Philippines is at stake, every Filipino’s voice counts.

Check out the highlights of the conversation below. – 

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