5 habits you can do now to kick start the New Year

Danna Peña
You don't need to wait for January 1 to work on building productive, mindful habits

MANILA, Philippines – “New year, new you.”

How many times do we see that saying quoted on social media when January 1 draws near?

It’s difficult (and frankly, unrealistic) to go cold turkey on habits you want to get rid off once the clock strikes midnight. In order to start your year right, a lot of preparation is needed beforehand. So why not begin today?

Here are habits that you can start honing as early as now to prep you up for the New Year.


Like what mom always says, “Clean your room”

Let go of items you don’t need. From your desk, to your storing shelves, and to your wardrobe, keep only items that have a purpose. Decluttering helps increase your focus and create a productive environment for your room.

If you need a concrete system to follow, you can try the KonMari method, which was founded on the philosophy of only keeping things that “spark joy.” As with all things in life, you must let go of anything or anyone that makes you unhappy, and it’s key to start this in your place of respite.


Refresh your network

Although the holiday season gives you more reason to schedule get-togethers, it’s important to do this all throughout the next year to let your peers know that they matter to you.

Get started by checking your contact list and making sure to wish them happy holidays. Plan get-togethers, hold a Kris Kringle activity, or simply catch up by asking how they’re doing. It never hurts to catch up with an old friend!


Memorize next year’s holidays

Okay, you don’t need to memorize them per se. But if you haven’t taken note of next year’s holidays, do it now. Mark them on your calendar, list them down or bookmark it on your browser to be prepared for unexpected flight promos!

The earlier you plan, the easier it is to save on travel-related expenses. Want to experience a road trip with your friends or go abroad with your family? Lock in those free dates and start planning now!


Reward yourself for your achievements

Have you followed through with the goals you aimed to achieve at the start of the year? The weeks before the holiday rush would be perfect for reviewing what you’ve accomplished. If you haven’t rewarded yourself all year, now is the time to treat yourself. Have a nice meal, purchase a gadget you’ve been eyeing, or simply plan a day for some self-pampering.

Remember that big waves start out in small ripples. Take note of this year’s achievements from big to small to stay motivated. Also, if there are bucket list items that you weren’t able to complete, take heart in the fact that you can always aim to finally tick them off your list next year.


Practice journaling to achieve your goals

The art of journaling, which dates back to previous centuries, will help you track your goals and achieve your dreams if done consistently.

Find some time to sit down and decide on what you want to focus on for next year. Choose an intention and stick with it. Is it following your passion? Better health? More quality time with loved ones? Whatever it is, jot it down along with ways to achieve it. Keep a journal that will inspire you to keep track of your goals and stay motivated.

How do you plan to prepare for next year? However way you choose to do it, remember to be realistic and to keep an open mind for everything that lies ahead.  Rappler.com


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