Make bringing your own ‘baon’ a habit with these useful tools
Make bringing your own ‘baon’ a habit with these useful tools
Start saving money plus eating healthy, too!

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 MANILA, Philippines – We all know it – preparing baon for work can sometimes feel like a chore. To be honest, many of us would rather use that extra hour to sleep than get busy in the kitchen. Besides, we can always buy fast food, right?   

However, it’s no secret that bringing our own baon doesn’t only help us save money, it helps us eat healthier, too. Home-cooked meals have less sugar, calories, and fat than whatever we would find in restaurants.

So, why not make it a habit? Maybe these tools will help you look forward to flaunting your lunch in the pantry everyday:

Lunch jar

TIGER Lunch Jar, P2,250

This lunch jar has enough space for your appetite. You can store two side dishes or viands in the microwavable containers. It can also keep your rice warm until you’re ready to eat it. It even comes with a pair of chopsticks – bento box, anyone?

Glass tumbler

Glasslock Tumbler Type Glass with Handle 500ml, P559.75 

Are you a coffee shop suki? You may not notice it but the P100+ you spend everyday for a latté is actually costing you a lot of money if you add it up. Why not bring coffee from home in this on-the-go glass tumbler? It comes with a handle and a jacket so it’s easier to carry around.

Stainless steel tumbler with bag

Tiger Stainless Steel Tumbler 1000ml, P1,950

If you feel like carrying a water container inside your office bag eats up space, try this stainless steel tumbler that comes with its very own carrier. So, even if your officemates decide to eat out, you can just take your baon and tumbler with you.

Tempered glass lunch containers


Glasslock Black Lunch Box Set, P1049.75

Do you avoid bringing your own baon because of the smelly plastic food containers? We get you. Nobody wants to eat menudo with a hint of a week-old adobo. Try glass containers. It’s easier to clean and it doesn’t keep any of that unwanted smell.

Insulated food jar

Tiger Thermal Soup Cup 380ml, P1,400

Is the line to the microwave in your office as long as the MRT queue? Put your baon in insulated food jars instead to keep your food fresh and warm until lunch. No need to run to the pantry to get ahead of everybody else!

Personal blender

Oster MyBlend Personal Blender, P1,830

Fruit shakes and juices can definitely make any meal more exciting. However, these aren’t just sugary, they can be expensive, too. Why not make your own smoothies using this personal blender? Just dunk your favorite fruits, ice, and whatever kind of milk you want inside the handy bottle that comes with it and go!

Now go ahead and challenge yourself to bring your own baon everyday. It’s going to be worth it! –