Get ready with this photographer and creative director who was quarantined in Palawan

Patricia Li
Get ready with this photographer and creative director who was quarantined in Palawan
What’s it like to spend the last 60 days at Coron Island? Terence Angsioco has the answer.

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Terence Ver S. Angsioco lives in the city – Poblacion, Manila to be exact. He has an everyday routine there where he rides his Xiaomi Electric Scooter. 

But on the announcement of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in the middle of March 2020, Terence knew he couldn’t be his best alone in the city at home.

By nature and by career, Terence loves traveling. He’s the owner and creative director of the creative agency Jagged Perspective. He knows that his circumstances put him in a privileged position. He’s single and has a job where he can afford to work remotely. The only things he needed at the time were an internet connection, working electricity, and his equipment. So, he decided to add another requirement – nature.

When he heard from a friend that he could stay at Red Carabao Coron – a camp at Coron Island, Palawan – where the internet speed and electricity were reliable, and where the Tagbanwa family he met before lived, it was a no-brainer.

Learn about his days at the island here.

First Grab. I used to sleep in an open-air area and fall asleep under the stars; the next morning, I’d wake up to the sound of waves. So my first 60 days was amazing, but now that I sleep inside the kulambo and it’s the mosquito season, I always check the net when I wake up. I always find around 4 to 7 around me. 

I always check my phone for the time and reach for my Caladryl for mosquito bites. I also have a knife next to me at all times because there are the occasional alupihan that sometimes get inside the net.

HUT. The view from Terence's home for the last 60 days. Photo courtesy of Terence Angsioco.

As for my playlist, I usually wake up to Bob Marley’s “You Could Be Loved” and then meditate to the Calm app.

Skincare Essentials. OFF! lotion and Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. I used up the remainder of my almost-empty Lucas’ Papaw on my mosquito bites in the early days of my island stay.

I think mosquitos ended up liking me more when I changed my diet to a healthier one. That or my skin became more irritable. Either way, I get woken up by itchiness and pain and can’t stand mosquito bites at all lately.

When I ran out of the ointment, I switched to Caladryl instead.

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Day 20

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Perfect Outfit. I always wear the least amount of clothing as possible because of the island weather. But my perfect outfit is definitely my Ray-Ban’s and my hat. Para ‘di ko na kailangan mag-hilamos haha!

Before I Start. Well, if I have video calls, I always ask them, “Required ba to wear a shirt or not?” Haha. 

I also have to groom my facial hair with Bench Clay Doh. I had a pustahan kasi that I wasn’t going to shave until they lifted the quarantine, so I have so much bigote right now haha.

Routine Reminders. Let me think about my routine between Poblacion city life to Coron island life…

I’ll usually meditate to the Calm app in the mornings – that hasn’t changed. I then go to the Insider MMA Gym to work out, but here on the island, I just stretch inside the hut. I don’t do workouts anymore because that’s distributed across the day. I do spearfishing, climbing, freediving, etc.

SPEARFISHING. Terence showcases his catch from a day of spearfishing. Photo courtesy of Terence Angsioco.

Afterward, I go to Commune where I have coffee with my dog. Here on the island, I realized that the Tagbanwa love coffee. They just don’t have their own source because you can’t grow it in Palawan due to the climate. Their coffee is actually kapeng barako from Batangas. That became my coffee shop instead.

I ask them about their days, and that’s when I prepare what I’ll be documenting for the day. I also plan my online meetings around that schedule. I bring my Canon 6D DSLR with a 50mm lens – I wasn’t able to bring my other more high-quality camera lens – a GoPro if we’re going underwater, and my Google Pixel 2, which takes amazing photos. And I’m saying that as a photographer. I also have my DJI Mavic Pro Drone with me for drone shots!

DRONE SHOT. Photo courtesy of Terence Angsioco.

Back in the city, I’ll probably be at Cosmic, my favorite vegan place, after a day of work. Here, we eat all sorts of seafood. Sometimes though, I had rice and toyo, and rice, toyo, and manggaMasarap, I swear!  

SUNSET. Terence enjoys the sunsets at Coron Island, Palawan. Photo courtesy of Terence Angsioco.

 Terence’s items

  1. Bench Fix Professional Clay Doh Molding Clay (P89.10)

  2. Caladryl Lotion Anti Itch Skin Protectant (P500)

  3. Google Pixel 2 64GB (P20,999)

  4. Lucas’ Papaw Remedies Ointment (P138)

  5. OFF! Overtime Insect Repellent (P899)

GRWM recommends

  1. Electric Scooter: Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro (P23,990)

  2. Shades: Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses (P7,200)


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