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This Instagram artist speaks volumes


[Editor’s Note: The Get Ready with Me (GRWM) article series features the morning routines of people from different walks of life, from their first grabs to the way they get ready for work, and to the items they can’t live without.

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I first came across Jazmin Reyes in the midst of the #HijaAko movement and the fiasco surrounding it. I saw her digital art being reposted everywhere. It was a photoshopped shirt tag that broke down the composition of an “hija” – 100% never asking for it; 0% the victim’s fault. 

Personally, I think the best thing that came from digital art and the age of social media is how digestible artists make their creations out to be. The elements of the message aren’t any less considered, and the process of creating probably not any less tedious – though that will always vary person to person and medium to medium. 

Nonetheless, this was one of those simple photos that spoke a giant message: do not underestimate the worth and dignity women know we have today. There is a long way to go for everyone to walk with their head held high, but today, we continue to push for that vision.

Jazmin’s work life reflects the strength in her words. She is an experienced radio DJ, a host, and more recently, a business owner. She’s a consistent digital creator and is heavily influenced by films. (She directs too!) You’ll see these various creative influences present on her Instagram feed.  

First Grab. I have an internal alarm clock, so I automatically wake up around 5:20 am. I then grab my phone or iPad to check the time and open up certain apps because I have a morning radio show to do via Zoom. 


I set it up, get my cup of black coffee, and start my day.  

Skincare Essentials. In the morning, you are supposed to put serums and the like but I’m not religious with that. 

I do like putting “energizing” products like Malin+Goetz energizing eye serum and Laura Mercier’s hydrating primer before make up.  

My nighttime skincare is definitely stricter: Shiseido’s Ultimune Serum, Clinique’s 72-hour moisture surge, and Aesop’s Vitamin C gel. I have this little beauty tool – it looks like a wand – that provides an icy feeling when I use it on top of serums. 

I love that – locks the moisture in. 

Before I Start. My pre-work must-haves depend on the job I have to do. 

When I’m on my radio DJ duties at 99.5 PLAY FM, my essentials are my iPad and coffee. Since I run a morning show with a partner, coffee is a must and the iPad is essential now as we do it in the comfort of our homes.  

When I do video hosting, I need my ring light, tripods, and a backdrop stand. Oh, and energy – lots of energy!  

What I think most people don’t know is I also have a job away from the camera and the mic. I run a creative drink company called 11:11, and what I usually need for that is my phone in order to communicate with the team and start our day on the right foot. When I’m there at the store, I like to drink my vitamins before I start the day so I can keep my immunity up! 

If I Must Go. When I visit the store, I wear comfortable clothes and shoes because we stand all day. Many fashion designers have provided me with many ways you can wear a PPE or PP Gear, so I also wear those as my normal day-to-day outfits.  

If I’m Staying In. We have to admit that our favorite 8-year-old cotton shirts with “baconing” necklines have got to be the best thing ever, right? But aside from that, Uniqlo also has these really comfy lounge sets that are just as soft and comfy!


Fave Delivers. Of course, 11:11 for a wonderful treat at a great price! 

For medicine, I prefer SouthStar Drug because they have credit card and cash on delivery as payment methods! I got a bunch of Berocca delivered quickly to my place during my days at home (Berocca is sold out in most drugstores, but SouthStar drug has readily available stocks.) 

Routine Reminders. One of the things I find convenient in the work-from-home set-up today is cutting traffic down by 100%. Usually, it’s traffic that causes problems in plans, meetings, or even execution. 

So for my radio tasks, it’s become a lot smoother because we don’t have to drive to the station. Hostings gigs are a bit trickier because we have to do our own set-up at home and certain clients have specific branding requirements. I had to decorate all on my own. Though it’s challenging, I have to admit I’m having my fun too! 

Come Back Home. At our house, we have a complete set-up for when we come back home. 

We have a footbath for our shoes, we leave the shoes out of the house and we quickly go up to take a thorough shower. I also disinfect all my gadgets – including accessories like earphones – with alcohol.

Jazmin’s items

  1. Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer (P3,358)

  2. Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Serum Concentrate (P5,926)

  3. Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator (P2,650)

  4. Berocca Mixed Berries Energy Vitamins (P290)

GRWM recommends

  1. PPE-inspired fashion: PPE Gown (P420)

  2. Uniqlo pajamas: Women’s Joy of Print Casual Set (P2,654)

  3. Beauty tools: Jade Roller and Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool (P1,099)

  4. Ring light: 18 Color Light Ring with Stand (P8,308)

  5. Selfie ring light with tripod: 210cm Tripod Stand 96 LED Chip For Makeup (P1,930) 



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