INFOGRAPHIC: Stories of ‘untold’ labels
INFOGRAPHIC: Stories of ‘untold’ labels
Women also experience labeling of the ‘untold’ kind – those expressed through actions rather than words

MANILA, Philippines – We have persistently protested against the different labels that women hear everyday. But there are also labels of the ‘untold’ kind – those expressed through actions rather than words. They’re more commonplace than you think.

During our forum on gender bias in the workplace on Saturday, March 29, leaders and representatives from different sectors shared their insights on gender bias at the workplace. Each woman, from the informal workers to PhD professors, has experienced a different kind of sexism and labeling. Not all are as overt as being simply told, “You’re bossy.”

In this infographic, we’ve compiled some of the standout stories and statements from our guests. We hope you will find inspiration in these words, something that will keep you moving forward to get the job – and life – that you deserve.

During the forum, Riza Hontiveros said that “Ang trabaho ay dapat isang expression ng ating pagkatao. There should not be an artificial opposition placed between the two.” (Work should be an expression of our identity)

Seek to find a job that defines who you want to be – not what society thinks you should be. Be creative and seek means to pursue your passions even outside your day job. Do not be limited by labels and standards. If injustices or prejudice exists, fight and question them.

Have you ever experienced an “untold” form of gender bias? Share them with us. –

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