INFOGRAPHIC: Are you ready for a tornado?
INFOGRAPHIC: Are you ready for a tornado?
"Into The Storm" hits theaters this month. Here, we've gathered some facts about actual tornadoes, and how to be safe around them

MANILA, Philippines – Imagine wind gusts three times the size of Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun), or almost twice of Yolanda (Haiyan). That’s how strong a tornado can be.

In the Philippines, tornadoes can happen during the summer or rainy season, just like typhoons, hurricanes, and storm surges. Fortunately, they strike much less frequently.

Should a tornado hit your town, resist the urge to be a storm chaser. Tornadoes are equally – if not more – destructive. A tornado can decimate an entire village in minutes by uprooting everything in its path. It can flip heavy objects like cars and throw it hundreds of miles away.

In this infographic, we’ve outlined some facts about tornadoes, and how you can protect yourself when it happens. Staying indoors is your best bet. –

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