Useful gadgets and applications for small businesses

Nikki Natividad
Useful gadgets and applications for small businesses
Be a cost efficient start-up with these nifty gadgets and applications

MANILA, Philippines — If you have plans of starting out a business, now is a great time to do so. Not only are SMEs more empowered now than ever (READ: The rise of small), there are also dozens of useful gadgets available that can help boost a business at an affordable cost. From useful cloud storages like Dropbox to payment platforms like Globe Charge, there are various options available to help jumpstart your venture. 

Keeping in mind the Internet, social media, and today’s tech savvy consumers, the best tools are the ones that will reach out and engage them. These days, you can do better than just the essentials, aka a good quality laptop and smartphone. Those, coupled with a good Internet connection are the basics of your arsenal. So what other tools can give you that edge in maximizing profit and cutting down costs?

If you want to know more about practical tools that could give your business that much needed shot in the arm, here are a few suggestions.


1. Cloud storage: Google Drive, Dropbox (free or paid)

Forms of Cloud Storage like Google Drive or Dropbox is advantageous to small businesses, since they help clear space on your laptotp or desktop and it also allows all members of your business to have access to relevant data. Both cloud drives have premium paid versions, but start-ups can still utilize the free version.   

2. Managing projects: Evernote (free)

Another application you need is an organizational tool like Evernote. Similar to cloud storage, Evernote serves as a mutual space for information, but the difference is Evernote lets you collaborate and brainstorm. You can share notebooks, invite users, and access Evernote through different platforms so different people can put together different ideas. Individuals can put down their notes, and this might just be someone else’s next inspiration. 


3. Accounting: ReceiptBank (free)

Keeping track of receipts and processing expenses is no problem with the phone application, ReceiptBank. You can just take pictures of your business’ receipts with your phone and upload them and store the pictures for later use. They last for at least 7 years, so there’s no need to keep the physical evidence for decades to come. It extracts the info from the picture that you take, and can automatically publish that data into existing accounting software. 

4. Signing documents: DocuSign (free)

With a lot of our transactions happening online, having a phone application that allows you to sign documents with just your smart phone can at times be more useful than a pen. So there’s no more printing, signing, and scanning to be done — just one application that allows you to cut to the chase and get those documents signed. There’s no excuse to put off signing important documents now. 

5. Social media managing: Facebook Pages Manager (free)

Another useful phone application is the Facebook Pages Manager — yes, there’s such an application — and it updates you on the social media status of your business. How vast is your reach? How many likes, shares, and comments are your posts getting? The Insights tool lets you analyze your progress and helps you manage your business’s online presence, and it’s free. 

6. Payment processing: Globe Charge (one-time payment)

Payment platforms are particularly important in today’s local scene. In a study done by Visa last 2014, 4 out of 10 Filipinos carry more payment cards in their wallets, and half of the people in the survey wanted to do away with cash from everyday life altogether. So small businesses would broaden their income potential by accepting debit and credit. So a payment platform like Globe Charge, which allows businesses to MasterCard and Visa, is extremely useful. There is no minimum amount of purchase for transactions, and lower merchant discount rates (MDR) as compared to banks. — 

Maximize your business with simple, affordable, and effective tools like Globe Charge. Globe Charge allows your customers to make card transactions with no minimum amount of purchase. Application is easy. The card-swiping device is available for a P999 one-time purchase, or bundled with your Post Paid Plan starting at P499. The application can be downloaded from the Play Store or Apple Store for free. The Globe Charge Mobile Card Reader is available in select Globe stores and online. This is the perfect companion for small enterprises looking to broaden their income opportunities as well as cut costs. 

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