Moving lives closer together

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Moving lives closer together

Mark Fredesjed R. Cristino

A homegrown courier company brings Filipinos closer together with a growing global reach

MANILA, Philippines – There are around ten million Filipinos living in various countries around the world. We are known to be hard workers who are highly skilled and are considered as assets in the workplace. But how do people who have “family” engrained so deep in its culture become accustomed to living so far away from theirs?

This is where technology plays a big role. With the increasing number of social media and communication platforms like Facebook, Viber, and Skype, the ten thousand-kilometer distances doesn’t feel so far away anymore. But the Internet can only go so far, and when physical presence is what’s needed, Pinoys yearn for other ways to send their love.

A Box-full of Love

A number of families receive balikbayan boxes from relatives abroad just in time for the Christmas holidays or as often as four times a year. Containing thoughtful yet practical presents, typical boxes contain a pair of sneakers for an uncle, a doll for a little girl, and enough bath soaps, toothpaste, canned goods and chocolates to last for months. It’s another way of connecting with loved ones. Playing a veritable Santa Claus, these Filipinos based abroad express how much they miss and think of their families left in the Philippines with these boxed gifts.

But what can be thought of as a simple transaction of preparing a package and sending it to a different country can still be tainted with complications. Every now and then, there would be reports of entire balikbayan boxes getting stolen, or getting lost. Some of these carefully prepared packages never reach their intended destinations, and it’s a big loss and disappointment for both the receiver and the giver. This is why many Filipinos have learned not to be blindsided by companies that may not charge as much, but can’t be trusted to deliver.

Bridging Filipino Families Across the Globe

LBC Express has had the privilege of being a conduit for these treasured connections for more than 60 years. Catering to Filipinos and more around the globe, LBC Express has been delivering important documents, gifts, and those anticipated balikbayan boxes since the 1950s, moving not just the packages but the lives of those sending and receiving them as well.

Javier C. Mantecon, Chief Marketing Officer of LBC Express, Inc. believes the company has earned the trust of its customers through 63 years of exceptional service. “We like to believe that we didn’t earn this trust simply because of our longevity but our tireless dedication to serve our customers around the world, regardless of heat, rain, typhoon, or snow.”

Aside from the efficiency and quality of their work, being present and simply “being there,” is what the company puts importance on. In its commitment to be anywhere a Filipino might need them, LBC Express continues to expand its global network and reach.

As Mr. Mantecon said, “We have the widest and most accurate delivery service, with more than 4,400 branches, partners, and agents around the world.” He also adds, “Abroad, where there’s a Filipino community, there’s bound to be an LBC Express nearby. LBC is still the trusted partner of overseas Filipinos because we fulfill our promise of providing services based on needs and demands.”

A homegrown brand, LBC Express is on its way to becoming a Filipino global brand, much like the many Filipinos now making their mark in the world.

Offering Bigger and Better Things to Every Filipino

The company has achieved another milestone by tapping a global brand ambassador that also understands the importance of family – Kris Aquino. Pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome extended to her as the brand’s very first global endorser, Aquino says, “It’s this sense of family that makes me excited to team up with LBC.”

Today, LBC has expanded its services to express courier and money remittance. Through their latest endeavor, LBC 360, they’ve also started tapping into the growing e-commerce industry.

“E-commerce is becoming a part of every Filipino’s life and it’s crucial for us to innovate to adapt to changing times,” Mr. Mantecon says. “Aside from moving lives, we also move businesses. We apply our knowledge of our customers’ needs to keep up with business demands.”

LBC 360 offers services like allowing you to set up an online store, nationwide warehousing, digital marketing services, and of course, delivery, which will greatly benefit small to medium enterprises and help mom-and-pop establishments maximize profits.

By harnessing the possibilities made possible by the Internet, LBC Express has truly become global and is living up to its motto of not just moving businesses and communities, but also moving lives. –


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