Tropical trouble: Dealing with damaged hair

Nikki Natividad
Tropical trouble: Dealing with damaged hair
Answering some of your most basic questions to summer time hair care 

MANILA, Philippines — The Filipina is no stranger to the hot and humid craziness of summer. With temperatures reaching a maximum of 40 to 41 degrees Celsius, it’s a sweaty affair for those who are not frolicking at the beach. Not to mention, it’s a nuisance to our hair.   

After soldiering through your daily commute, have you ever stopped to pat the crown of your head? The heat that you feel on your palm is basically that of the sun breaking down the proteins in your hair, and drawing out all the moisture from your locks, without the sexy sizzle. That only leads to dry, coarse, and fizzy hair.   

With the temperature soaring, a lot of Filipinas also feel compelled to shower more often, which brings up a number of hair care questions:   

How often should you wash your hair? What’s the best way to style it without drying it? How do you keep it from getting so damaged and brittle?  

To answer a few of our most asked questions, here is a video of YStyle editor and beauty guru, Regina Belmonte, on how to rescue dry and damaged hair. 

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