QUIZ: What do your food cravings mean?

Krista Garcia
QUIZ: What do your food cravings mean?
Take this quiz to find out which “foodie tribe” you belong to

MANILA, Philippines – Foreigners love pointing out this particular Filipino quirk: we say hello by saying, “Kain tayo!” (Let’s eat). When we’re happy, we eat to celebrate. When we’re feeling down, we eat to feel better. To say that we’re foodies is an understatement. Enjoying food is inherently part of our culture and identity.

That said, many of us are also guilty of snacking and over-indulging once in a while. This is normal – it’s our body’s way of telling us what we need. We crave certain foods when we’re looking for a quick mood booster, or when we’re simply hungry. However, indulging on “comfort food” too much may eventually turn into a health problem. (Read: ‘Too busy’ to stay healthy? Read this) The trick is to know why you may be craving certain types of food, and how you can deal with them better.

Take this quiz to identify what type of foodie you are – then learn how you can spin your craving into something that’s better for your body. – Rappler.com

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