#PlayForReal: Encouraging sensory play for better learning

MANILA, Philippines – Children have big imaginations. Sometimes they get even more creative than adults especially when it comes to playtime. Now parents and teachers have taken on the role of fostering their creativity to better prepare them for challenges they may face as they start in a new school and meet new people. 

All parents have different ways of teaching their children new things. Some prefer to expose their children to real play and allow them to learn and discover using their five senses while others opt to use gadgets to stimulate learning.

You can also make your own 'silly slime' by mixing cornstarch, water, food coloring and a drop of baby-safe cologne. Your children can run their fingers through the mixture and gradually see how it becomes solid after some time.

4. Playing with different elements

For small homes, small bins with covers can be made available. Each bin can contain a different material (or you can just put in what you want when you want to) such as sand, pebbles, shaving cream, ice and even shredded paper. Toy implements such as trucks, mini-shovels and cups can make the possibilities endless for kids.

Remember that not only is safety a top priority but also keeping children clean and fresh longer so they can play and learn more.

Note to mothers

“As a mom, I want what’s best for my kids. Having a background in early childhood development helps me identify the good kinds of play, and it’s something that I choose for my kids,” says Mariel.

Unlike other types of play, utilizing the five senses allows children to think outside the box and even let them focus on what they are doing. Children who experience things first hand will have a better understanding of their surroundings and grasp the concept behind learning activities.

“I encourage all moms to practice this with their kids and I do this through the parenting workshops that I conduct. Play is everything for young kids, but not all play are created equal so we have to be selective and intentional.” – Rappler.com

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