5 gifts your dad wants to get for Father's day

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MANILA, Philippines – I don’t know about you but finding a gift for father’s day is way much harder than it is to look for the perfect mother’s day present.

We don’t have a go-to gift like a bouquet of beautiful flowers, for example. And dads don’t really ask us for anything, do they? But that doesn’t mean we have to skip the gift-giving.

Here are some of the things that your dad would be happy to get – especially if he’s a #Lazaddict.


For dads, there’s no such thing as too many flashlights. You just wouldn’t know when it will come in handy – when you’re in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the backyard. So, a gift of a flashlight will always be a good gift. But to make it more special this father’s day, give him this rechargeable AND zoomable LED flashlight so it stands out.


Dads are also some of the most techie persons I know. They usually have more than one mobile phones and a host of other gadgets like tablets, digital watches. That’s why they always need powerbanks to keep all these running. So this father’s day, get him not just one but two 10,400 mAh powerbanks with really good reviews!

Bluetooth speakers

Whether they’re listening to the news or to Spotify’s Philippine top 50, your dad will appreciate a nice bluetooth speaker that they can easily connect to their mobile phones or tablets. And it also doubles as an LED lamp. Who doesn’t want two things for the price of one? Not your dad, for sure!


Does your dad love to sing? Then this will be a gift that keeps on giving. Your dad wouldn’t have to worry about renting a karaoke every time there’s a celebration at home or honestly, even if there isn’t. With this karaoke player, he can go on a concert just about anytime he feels like it.


If you’re going for a more classy gift, you can’t go wrong with a silver stainless steel wristwatch. This thoughtful gift also tells your dad that you’re not only giving him a watch but as well as your time not just this father’s day but every day of the year.

Always remember though that more than the material things, love, patience, and understanding are the best gifts we can ever give our daddy, papa, father, tatay. – Rappler.com