Rappler 10th anniversary

#CheckThisOut: Hold the Linya-Linya with Rappler

#CheckThisOut: Hold the Linya-Linya with Rappler
Wear courage on your sleeves, whether long or short

“What are YOU willing to sacrifice for the truth?”

Maria Ressa posed this question to the millions of viewers of her historic Nobel Peace Prize speech, and it’s the same question that Rapplers would have to answer time and again. Rappler has been scrutinized, smeared, and even challenged in court – all because it persists in speaking truth to power.

Reaching 10 years, therefore, is a milestone for us, bruises and all. Through your support and by holding the line with us, we were able to capture history’s most important events with a critical eye and at breakneck speed.

Must Watch

WATCH: The moments that made Rappler

WATCH: The moments that made Rappler

As we celebrate our decade with you, we’re partnering with Linya-Linya for a fun ride – the Rappler way.

Linya-Linya is a merchandising business known for its wit and creativity. And we’re “holding the Linya-Linya” with these limited edition shirt and hoodie designs:

“Braver, Stronger, Rappler” shirt
“Fearless” hoodie

Both items are made of cotton and polyester (available in XS to XL sizes).

Order your Rappler merch now to start wearing your courage. Every shirt and hoodie you get is a vote for upholding the truth and choosing the good. – Rappler.com

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