Our readers share their hearts’ deepest desires

Marj Casal Handog
Our readers share their hearts’ deepest desires
We asked them some of life’s deepest questions. Here’s how they responded.

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What legacy do you want to leave behind? 
What future do you want to build with your family? 
What kind of life do you promise to build? 

These are questions that we don’t usually get asked during everyday conversations. But these are questions that we should ponder on. In between doing chores and showing up for work, asking ourselves these would remind us why we do so.

So, in a crowdsourcing post published on Rappler’s social media channels, we encouraged our readers to share their heart’s deepest desires in response to some of life’s deepest questions.

A legacy that is a life well-lived

When asked about the legacy they want to leave behind, most of our readers shared that they just want to be remembered for a life well-lived. For them, to have a life well-lived, one should stand for what is right, live with integrity, and be honest and kind to their fellow human beings.

A God-centered and prosperous future for the family

Most of our readers’ responses to the question: “What future do you want to build with your family?” center on building a spiritual family with a bright and prosperous life ahead of them. They want a place they can call their home, a bountiful business, and the gift of education for their children. They look forward to a future where they can see their dreams become reality.

A harmonious, peaceful, and abundant life

What kind of life do you promise to build? Most of our readers said they simply want a harmonious and peaceful life that is an abundant one, too. They envision living in a home where they have healthy and happy relationships not just within their family but also with their community.

Based on what our readers have shared, some of our heart’s deepest desires are closely connected to the kind of home we hope and pray to build. It’s easy to say that our dream is to live in a mansion but if we live it up to our hearts to decide, our hope is to live a life that’s filled with love, peace, and harmony. We pray for a community that is safe, supportive, and treats their neighbors like their own family.

As a 30-something who also ponders life’s deepest questions from time to time, I, too, dream of a life that would allow me to hone my passions while living it to the fullest with the people I love the most. And as I’ve become older, I’ve learned that it’s not always the biggest and grandest homes that allow us to do that. There’s so much more to consider.

To help us find ways to turn our heart’s deepest desires into reality, Ayala Land Estates, Inc. is sharing with us their manifesto – their promise to give us the life we want to build so we can get closer to the future we want for our family and the legacy we want to leave behind.

Watch this manifesto to find out how we can have a life with #PromisesFulfilled.

Our readers share their hearts’ deepest desires

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