Reasons why Eye Mo Daily Care should be part of your ‘tito/tita’ kit

Reasons why Eye Mo Daily Care should be part of your ‘tito/tita’ kit
Going outside? Don't leave this eye drop behind

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Try as we might, there’s no way we can not go out.

Buying groceries, essentials, and doing important errands are often done more efficiently in person. For others, their work-from-home days seem to be numbered, with many offices gearing up for a return-to-office scenario, or, at least, a hybrid set-up. Before I forget, jogging feels better when you feel the wind on your face.

But while going outside is inevitable, we should remain in total control of our bodies. And self-respecting titos and titas (uncles and aunts) know just the thing to do: pack a trusted tito/tita kit that contains necessities to keep themselves safe and relieved anywhere, anytime – ranging from sanitizers to paracetamol tablets, to wet wipes. These are a commuter’s basics. 

May we suggest another must-have? Tuck in a bottle of Eye Mo Daily Care in your kit, because your eyes are just as prone to harsh elements as your skin or lungs. In case you’re unsure why you should, here are some of the reasons:  

Your eyes are (two of) your most precious tools.

Working, studying, or watching using a mobile device – name it – we need our eyes more than we think we do. Now that we have relied on them heavily during the pandemic, we can’t afford to let irritants get in the way of productivity, entertainment, and our overall health. 

Rubbing leads to irritation, and, potentially, infection. 

There are reasons why our parents tell us not to rub our eyes whenever it feels itchy! Dr. Mark Mifflin, a University of Utah professor, said that eye rubbing is chronic, it “can result in the weakening of the cornea and its distortion, called keratoconus,” to cite a few. 

Titos and titas, keep your eyes peeled… on your eyes. Part of keeping ourselves safe and healthy during these times is ensuring that we’re always seeing clearly and worry-free. Looking forward to a better tomorrow, literally, is more exciting when your eyes get “daily care.”

Get your Eye Mo Daily Care now at P99 SRP in all MDC, Watsons, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy. For more information check out Eye Mo on Facebook, Instagram or visit www.eyemoph.com 

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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